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Universal Head Aluminum Aircraft Rivet (AN470)

Click for a larger picture of Universal Head Aluminum Aircraft Rivet (AN470)

These solid-shank rivets are commonly used for assembly of sheet metal aircraft and aluminum monocoque race car chassis. The 350 lb shear strength and 450 lb tensile strength makes them suitable for structural use on interior and exterior applications.

MS20470 Rivet Specifications and Designations
Designation Specification Value
MS210470 / AN470 Part Rivet, Solid Shank, Universal Head
AD Material 2117-T4 Aluminum Alloy
(first dash number)
Shank diameter
1/32" increments
1/8" D
(second dash number)
Shank length
1/16" increments
1/4" L

The MS20470 number (supersedes AN470) has been adopted as the standard for protruding head rivets in the USA.
The 2114-T4 aluminum alloy (identified by the AD in the part number) is the most common rivet material for aluminum structures. It can be used as received without any heat treatment or annealing required.

Choosing the correct length: The FAA recommends extra shank length of 1.33 to 1.5 times the diameter to make the shop formed head. For MS20470AD-4 rivets, add 0.166" to 0.188" to the thickness of your assembly to find the rivet length needed. Example: The -4 size (1/4" long) can be used on assemblies 0.062" to 0.084" thick.

Hole Preparation: For the 1/8" diameter rivets, the FAA recommends drilling a pilot hole using a 1/8" drill bit and drilling to final size using a #30 (0.1285") drill bit. The oversized hole minimuzes the chance of scraping off the protective coating while inserting the rivet, and bucking the rivet will cause it to expand to fill the hole.

Our Hand Rivet Squeezer (Part No. 1189) can be used to set the rivet when installed near the edge of a panel. If the distance to the edge is greater than 3 inches, a rivet gun and bucking bar will be needed. Sold individually.

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Universal Head Aluminum Solid Rivet, 1/8 dia. x 1/4 L, Each

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