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MS21051 Single Lug Nut Plate, Self-Locking, Fixed

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These lightweight, low-profile plates are an excellent way to install a captive nut behind a panel. The single-lug design is especially useful in tight quarters or very close to the edge of a panel. Simply rivet the plate to the back of the stationary panel using pop rivets or solid rivets.

MS21051 Nutplate Dimensions
SizeSAE Thread Length Width Height ThicknessRivet Spacing
to Hole Center
Rivet Spacing
(0.138 x 32 TPI)
0.935"0.297"0.171"0.047"0.344"0.312" 3/32"
(0.164 x 32 TPI)
0.935"0.297"0.250"0.047"0.344"0.312" 3/32"
(0.190 x 32 TPI)
0.950"0.328"0.250"0.047"0.344"0.312" 3/32"
41/4-28 0.993"0.414"0.281"0.055"0.344"0.312" 3/32"
55/16-24 1.210"0.505"0.328"0.065"0.500"0.312" 1/8"
63/8-24 1.264"0.614"0.344"0.075"0.500"0.312" 1/8"

We offer low-profile NAS1097AD3 3/32" Solid Rivets to mount the -06 through -4 size plates and NAS1097AD4 1/8" Solid Rivets for the -5 and -6 size plates (rivets sold separately).

Note: We recommend a drop of oil on the threads the first time a screw is installed in these self-locking nutplates. This is especially important in the smaller thread sizes. We have seen heads twisted off of screws due to the high installation torque even though the nutplates are coated with a solid lubricant. The initial insertion polishes the threads. This slightly lowers the torque during subsequent insertions.

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Condition: New

MS21051-06 Single Lug Nut Plate, 6-32 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 11: $0.99

12 & up: $0.88

In Stock

Condition: New

MS21051-08 Single Lug Nut Plate, 8-32 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 9: $1.29

10 to 99: $1.15

100 & up: $1.00

In Stock

Condition: New

MS21051-3 Single Lug Nut Plate, 10-32 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 9: $1.09

10 to 99: $0.97

100 & up: $0.84

In Stock

Condition: New

MS21051-4 Single Lug Nut Plate, 1/4-28 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 9: $1.39

10 & up: $1.24

In Stock

Condition: New

MS21051-5 Single Lug Nut Plate, 5/16-24 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 9: $1.69

10 & up: $1.50

In Stock

Condition: New

MS21051-6 Single Lug Nut Plate, 3/8-24 Self-Locking Thread

1 to 7: $3.79

8 to 59: $3.40

60 & up: $3.00

In Stock
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