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Red Line Synthetic Lightweight Racing ATF

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Brand: Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF is designed specifically for drag racing automatic transmissions. It provides the positive shifting of a Type F ATF, but the elimination of friction modifiers means faster shifts and quicker lockup for reduced ETs. Lightweight Racing ATF has a lower viscosity than traditional Type F for less drag, but the viscosity is also more consistent -- perfect for Bracket racing. The synthetic formula also provides enhanced protection under extreme pressures and five times better film strength than petroleum ATF for longer gear and clutch life. It can also be used in turbo or blown doorslammers (NMRA, NMCA, etc) instead of resorting to hydraulic fluid to deal with heat issues.

Red Line Synthetic Lightweight Racing ATF
@ 100° C
@ 40° C
Brookfield Viscosity
@ -40° C
4.9 cSt 23.2 cSt 140 75 P -50° C (-58° F) 240° C (464° F)

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF, Quart

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