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Black Silicone Hose, 1" x 3/4" Reducing Elbow

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Brand: Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

This hose is built for endurance and performance in custom coolant plumbing applications. Silicone rubber with 3-ply reinforcement makes this hose tough, reliable, and flexible to temperatures from -50°C to +200°C.

Hand crafted and quality inspected to the highest European standards. Black with a smooth, shiny "wipe-down" finish. Legs measure approximately 4 inches long. Use with our Aluminum Splicing Nipples (Part No. HJ25 and HJ19) and Lined Hose Clamps (Part No. 3613-1.75) to construct the exact bends and lengths you need.

Note: This hose is NOT formulated for use in oil or fuel plumbing applications. It will survive occasional spills and oil leaks, but it will not stand up to continuous exposure to petroleum.

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Careful trimming for F150 repair...


I found references and links to this part (and Pegasus' repair kit, which includes this hose, an aluminum hose splice and 4 properly sized & lined hose clamps) on a thread at F150 Forums. Up to now (2016), this appears to be the most effective repair for the dreaded Ford top T-Connector leak at the coolant overflow (degas) tank that affects many 2011-2015 F150's and Expeditions when they hit 30k-70k (on avg). Warning: I thought I would "overthink" fitting this inline repair by cutting it to match the sizing of the old T-Connector I cut-off and to avoid hitting the wiring coming off a sensor at the front driver's side corner of the engine that the coolant hose curves around. Big mistake! I took 2" off the smaller diameter end and 1-1/2" off the larger end using a fresh razor blade and a hose clamp as a guide. While the smaller end still fit over the aluminum splice (in the kit), the larger end would not slip over the full length of the connection to the overflow tank (incl the old T-Connector retaining clip slot) because I had trimmed it back too much to the point the hose was already starting to reduce in ID (inside diameter). After hours struggling to turn / pull / twist the hose on, I still could not get it fully over the top ring on the tank fitting. Result: had to order another one of these. Lesson learned: Fit the wide end of this adapter hose to the tank first. A little silicone lubricant or light oil will help. Turn the outboard side (smaller diameter, 3/4") end of this hose downward or upward from the tank connector to get around the sensor wiring to the sensor at the front end of the engine. The smaller diameter end of the hose where you splice it with the existing hose will not be horizontal / parallel to the ground. Instead, it may be angled slightly up or down from the connection at the other and (tank side) depending on which you prefer. But DO NOT trim the larger / wider (1") end of this reducer hose more than 1/2" if at all. If you look at the different color variations of this hose, you can easily see the slight bell reduction about 2/3 of the way down from the top of the hose (wide end) to the elbow. Avoid trimming that back too far. Lesson learned. P.S. The two bottom-of-the-engine T-Connectors also have similar leak issues, although not as frequently as the top connector and tank do. Those connectors now have replacement O-Rings available at minimal cost from Ford Parts. The top connector, though, does not have a replacement O-Ring available, and you must purchase the entire hose & connector together for nearly $50. It very likely it will eventually leak again after it shakes loose at some point down the road. This hose and the associated kit solve the problem once and for all. P.P.S. Some on the F150 Forum thread mention adding RTV sealant to the connections. Unnecessary, but extra insurance if you want it.


So Cal


Ford F150


Great upgrade for the F150 expansion tank hose. Bought a new hose from Ford and it leaked like the old one. Buy the kit and end the seeping fitting problem at your expansion tank


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Black Silicone Hose, 1" x 3/4" Reducing Elbow

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