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Silicone Hose Kit, Ford F150 5.0 / EcoBoost Reservoir, Black

Click for a larger picture of Silicone Hose Kit, Ford F150 5.0 / EcoBoost Reservoir, Black

Replace the leaky, unreliable quick-disconnect elbow on the coolant reservoir of your 2011-16 Ford F150! This hose is part of the pressurized cooling system, and the clip-retained hose often leaks where it meets the reservoir. This handy kit contains all of the parts you need to replace the stock hose with a more reliable clamped connection.

Kit contents:
1x RE9025.19-Black Silicone Elbow, 1" to 3/4" 90 Degree Reducer
1x HJ19 Aluminum Hose Joiner, 3/4"
2x 3613-1.25 Lined Hose Clamps for 3/4" End
2x 3613-1.75 Lined Hose Clamps for 1" End

To install:
Remove the stock clip-retained hose from the reservoir and from the lower hose.
Install the aluminum joiner in the lower hose and secure with one small hose clamp.
Slide the small end of the reducing elbow onto the aluminum joiner, securing with one small hose clamp.
Slide the large end of the reducing elbow over the nipple on the coolant reservoir. Be sure to slide the hose far enough that you can position one of the large hose clamps above the clip slot. The hose should very nearly touch the reservoir body. This is critical to prevent the hose from coming off under pressure.
Install one large hose clamp on the reducing elbow below the clip slot. This clamp will create the liquid-tight seal.
Install the second large hose clamp on the reducing elbow above the clip slot. This clamp will keep the hose in place.

Installation usually takes less than 2 hours.

Fits 2011-16 Ford F-150 with 5.0L V8 or 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engines, and 2015-17 Ford Expedition / Lincoln Navigator with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine.

pdf icon F150 Reservoir Silicone Hose Kit Instructions

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This fixes what Ford did wrong


Product takes the place of the faulty Ford quick connect and if installed properly...will fix your coolant leak. I purchased a brand new Motorcraft hose with quick connect hoping it would stop leaking. It leaked as bad as old one. After cutting the quick connect off and replacing it with this...no problems. Easy to install. Well worth the money. Ford really should do a recall on the quick connect. Thank You Pegasus Auto!!!



Great replacement part / fix


This is a great product, worked as intended. The only 2 recommendations that I would make are, 1: In the instructions please mention that the new hose has to be cut at both ends by 2" 2: It is way easier to install by first removing the reservoir / air filter box.


Edmonton, Alberta

Worked out well


This was just what I needed to fix the defective hose that came with my truck. It is a known issue but Ford doesn't seem to want to fix it or change the design so I'm glad this was available and in a kit so I could get everything I needed to do this fix all at once and at a decent price. I would recommend this to anyone who has the quick connect hose in the F150 that is leaking from the connector. It was easy to install especially since the kit has all the parts you need to do it.


Wickenburg, Arizona

Better than OEM


I purchased this inexpensive repair option to Ford's original design because I only wanted to fix it once and not again in 15,000 miles. Everything as advertised and worked great. Problem solved!

Ron O

Elk River, Mn

Big savings/ simple fix


Saved hundreds. This solved the problem they created.


Baton Rouge

I would buy this product again.


I would use this again. Much cheaper than the replacement hose, and simple to install. Great product.

Shop dawg


Solved the problem


Ford should be offering this kit and installing it for free. The only suggestion is to improve the instructions. I read all the comments on installation. In the end I had to boil the hose to be able to get it on the resevoir.

Papa C.

Kansas City, MO

Tips on installing


I read every review before I attempted the installation. Even being tall with long arms, it is a challenge to get the hose attached. After attempting all the hints in the reviews, I finally put the hose in boiling water for a few minutes - that did the trick.


Kansas City, MO

Leaky coolant reservoir fix! (2012-F150-XLT 3.5L EcoBoost)


After reading multiple opinions and trouble shooting articles with this recommended package as "the fix". I bit the bullet and purchased this as was more economical than having a dealer installed part put in that would then leak again after so many miles / km's. Paid for the shipping to ON, Canada which was quick & efficient and well packed. Installation probably took me in total, 3 hours which also included me running out to the auto store to buy coolant needed & I wasn't rushing.


Hamilton, ON, Canada

Easy fix for a poor factory design.


I had Fird redo the original fitting for $300+ After 2 months it was leaking again. This product took 15 minutes to install and does not leak! Save your money and fix it yourself.


Lakeville, Mn

Silicone Hose Kit, Ford F150 5.0 / EcoBoost Reservoir, Black

4.8 50