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Auto Meter Battery Extender, 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp

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Brand: Auto Meter Gauges

The Battery Extender from Auto Meter is designed to safely maintain 12 volt lead-acid batteries. The 1.5 amp charger fully charges any 12 volt lead-acid battery and maintains it at a proper storage voltage, avoiding the damaging sulfating effects of long-term storage. Proper use can actually extend the usable life of a battery that sees only occasional use.

The computer-controlled charger uses a five-step charging program:

  1. Verification verifies the battery status and proper hook-up for safety.
  2. Desulfation breaks down light sulfur build-up on the battery plates to extend service life.
  3. Bulk Charge raises the battery voltage with a steady current.
  4. Absorption raises the current available with a steady voltage.
  5. Maintain keeps the battery at a full charge and ready for use.

Works with any standard (flooded), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), or gel cell 12 volt lead-acid battery, including all of the lead-acid AGM racing batteries we sell. This 1.5 amp version is ideal for batteries smaller than 20 amp-hour capacity. Simply connect your battery and plug in the Battery Extender. That's it! Amber, Red, and Green LEDs indicate charging status. Includes alligator clamps and ring terminals with a quick-disconnect harness. Operates on 110-120VAC. Sealed to IP65 standards (splashed water but not immersion). 3 year factory warranty.

Not for use on dry-cell (lithium, LiFePO4, Ni-Cad, NiMh, etc) batteries.

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