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AiM 7-Pin to CAN/RS232 Wiring Harness for SoloDL/EVO4S, 4M

Click for a larger picture of AiM 7-Pin to CAN/RS232 Wiring Harness for SoloDL/EVO4S, 4M

Brand: AIM Sports

This harness connects your SoloDL/Solo2DL or EVO4S to your ECU via CAN or RS232 wiring. One end has a 7-pin 712 (screw-in) connector which will fit the 8-pin port on the Solo2DL or the 7-pin "ECU" port on the EVO4S, and the other end has 6 non-terminated wires (CAN+, CAN-, RS232RX, RS232TX, Power, and Ground).

This 4 meter (13 ft) cable is longer than the 2-meter (6 1/2 ft) cable supplied with the AiM Solo2DL for CAN / RS232 Connection Kit (Part No. MC-672). You can also use it to convert an AiM Solo2DL for OBD-II / K-Line Connection (Part No. MC-671).

Note: For SoloDL, Solo2DL, or EVO4S only. Not for standalone Solo/Solo2, EVO4, or EVO5. The 7-pin connector is not designed to work with any other AiM devices.

How can a 7-pin connector fit the 8-pin port on my Solo2DL?   The 7 pins around the outside of the connector have the same spacing and share the same functions. The 8th pin (which would be in the center of the plug) is not used on this cable.

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