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AiM Rear Camera for MX 1.2 Series Dashes

Click for a larger picture of AiM Rear Camera for MX 1.2 Series Dashes

Brand: AIM Sports

This compact (17mm OD) analog camera is set up specifically to work as a rear-view or backup camera when connected to an AiM "1.2" MX-Series dash (MXS 1.2, MXP, or MXG 1.2, including Strada versions).

The 5-pin connector at the end of the cable plugs directly into the 5-pin screw-in port between the wiring harness connectors on the back of the dash. (Note that the original MXS and MXG did not have this connector and cannot use this camera.) The 1.2 dashes can be set up in RS3 to display the video image from this camera under certain conditions (for example, if the transmission is shifted into reverse). The image can be flipped (as a mirror-image) and "parking guide" stripes can also be overlaid on the image.

The complete kit includes the camera with a 5-pin "712" screw-in Binder connector; hardware for bezel, screw-down, or adhesive mounting; and a hole saw (to cut the proper-size hole for bezel-mounting in a panel). 170° field of view, 60 FPS, NTSC output. Sold individually.

Note 1: For "1.2" generation MX-Series dashes only. Will not work with any other dash or logger.
Note 2: This camera is not interchangeable with the AiM SmartyCam and will not connect to the 5-pin "EXP" port.
Note 3: Video images from this camera are not recorded. Data from the dash cannot be overlaid on the video image.
Note 4: At this time the RS3 software does not have a split-screen or picture-in-picture function. Your dash will either show data OR it will show the video image from this camera. It can switch between the two but it cannot show both at once.

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