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Tilton OT-2 Cerametallic Clutch Disc, 7.25", 1x23, Std Hub

Click for a larger picture of Tilton OT-2 Cerametallic Clutch Disc, 7.25", 1x23, Std Hub

Brand: Tilton Engineering

This "cerametallic" clutch disc fits the Tilton OT-II 7 1/4" rally clutch. The 1" x 23 spline is normally used on Sports 2000 and FF2000 applications (note that many cars converted from FC to FF1600 such as Swift and Van Diemen often retain the 1" x 23 spline from the 2.0L engine instead of converting to the 7/8x20 FF1600 spline).

This disc has the standard "V-Type" hub (0.375" long overall), positioned on one side of the clutch disc. This provides more clearance for back-to-back stacking in dual-disc clutches, at the expense of some torque capability compared to the extended "W-Type" hub. Sold individually.

Tilton's minimum recommended clutch disc thickness is 0.253" in single-disc clutches or 0..268" on dual disc clutches. New clutch discs measure 0.283" thick.

Note: Not for use with the stock Ford clutch. Tilton has matched the thickness, friction, and wear characteristics of the cerametallic disc to their OT-II "rally" clutches (Tilton series 66-301 and 66-302). Cerametallic discs are not recommended with OT-II "metallic" clutches (Tilton series 66-001 / -002 / -003 or 66-5xx).

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