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Racetech 3 Color Temperature Paint Kit

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This set of temperature-signaling lacquers permanently change colors after 5 minutes of continuous exposure to high temperatures.* Each of the 3 paints is calibrated to change color at one temperature. The single color change makes the paints easy to read with no guesswork.

Paint 1 starts off Green and changes to white at 478° C (892° F)
Paint 2 starts off Orange and changes to yellow at 571° C (1060° F)
Paint 3 starts off Red and changes to white at 640° C (1184° F)

Kit includes one bottle of each color/temperature, one bottle of thinner, and three brushes.

These paints are formulated with a high solids content in order to dry quickly when applied. The solids can settle out of the solution after sitting for long periods. If this happens, simply re-mix the paint, adding a small amount of the supplied thinner if necessary.

* Slightly lower temperatures can also cause these color changes with longer exposure times. Increasing the exposure time from 5 minutes to 30 minutes will lower the temperature required by approximately 10%. A set of charts showing exposure times and temperatures is provided in the kit.

All three paints are essentially inert below 180° C / 356° F (Paint 2 and Paint 3 are inert up to 425° C / 800° F) so they can be applied to parts well in advance of use.

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