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AiM Wheel Speed Proximity Sensor, 719 Lead

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Brand: AIM Sports

The MyChron Wheel Speed Proximity Sensor (also known as the "Car" or "Phonic" sensor) is designed to be mounted to the spindle or hub carrier. A trigger wheel (not included) is required on the wheel, wheel hub, or brake rotor to pass in front of the sensor as the wheel rotates (see note on trigger wheel dimensions below). This type of sensor provides consistent signal strength at low or high speeds.

This sensor has the 719 (four-pin plastic push-on type) connector to connect to the MyChron3 Plus or Gold Auto dashes, any AiM MXL series dash, or any EVO3 series data logger. The MyChron3 XG-Log requires the addition of a 712-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-210). The EVO4 requires either the MC-210 patch cable or the Y-Cable for Dual Speed Sensors (Part No. MC-264). The front of the sensor has M8 threads for easy mounting in a bracket you supply. Cable length is 78 inches (2 meters).

Trigger wheel minimum dimensions: The teeth on the trigger wheel must be at least 5.06mm (0.19 inch) deep, 2.54mm (0.1 inch) wide, 6.35mm (0.25 inch) long, and 10.16mm (0.4 inch) apart. There are no limits on the number of teeth or the wheel diameter, but the wheel must be made of ferrous metal such as steel or cast iron. If your hub has steel wheel studs or other steel bolts that protrude from the back of the hub face, they can be used to trigger the sensor if the critical dimensions are met. The back of the sensor now features an LED which will light if the trigger is positioned appropriately.

Tip: Add a longer 719-719 Extension Cable (Part No. MC-211, sold separately) and install your wheel speed sensor with the plug near the suspension pick-up point. In the event of crash damage, the sensor will be much easier to replace without fishing a new lead through the car.

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