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Pro One Foam Carving Hot Knife

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Trim and shape your custom seat insert like the professionals! The Pro One Hot Knife minimizes mess by slicing through the foam or beads rather than tearing it apart to scatter all over your shop. Also handy for carving foam plugs for composite molding. The cutting blade is 5.5 inches long. Includes an adjustable sled for cutting to a pre-set depth up to 0 to 4 inches. Operates on 110 VAC, 150 watts. Features stainless steel blade, 5 heat settings, and a spring-loaded safety thumb trigger.

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Slick as sliced bread?


I bought a "Pro One Foam Carving Hot Knife" as part of my project to build a seat for my formula car, specifically for use with the "2-Part Foam for Seat Fitting, Two Quart Kit" (see separate review). As advertised, it creates much less mess than sawing or sanding, but, one can't expect to be able to do much "shaping" with it because the blade's straight. Pretty obvious, huh. It seemed to work best turned all the way up and all three of us involved in the project had the same complaint... pressing the trigger got really tiring after a minute or two. I'm sure it's a safety issue that it's there at all, but.... It doesn't create dust, but it does create smoke. Probably best to use it in an area with adequate ventilation. The blade kacks up during use, but was easy to gently scrape clean after being allowed to cool and didn't look the worse for wear. Would I recommend it? Good question. If it cost $100 or more, I'd say no, but for the price, probably yes... even though it does have a very limited application range. If you have a shop vac and a saws-all, you could do the same job. The more you expect to use the foam, the more potential you'd have to reduce the cost/use figure, which really isn't bad to start with.


Sugar Hill, GA


Pro One Foam Carving Hot Knife

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