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Creafoam Bead Seat Kit

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You can make your own professional-quality custom seat insert in your own garage! Creafoam bead seat kits are used by professional drivers in IndyCar, IMSA, Grand-Am, FIA/LeMans, and NASCAR. You can do it yourself with just a vacuum, a driver's seat, and a driver.

These kits are similar to other bead seat insert kits on the market (the basic component is a vacuum bag full of beads), but the beads in this kit are composed of single-impact Creafoam™, a material that provides far superior protection in the event of an impact. Unlike other beaded seat kits, the beads in this kit are not all the same size. Smaller beads in this kit fill the small gaps and voids left between the larger beads for a stronger finished seat insert. Each kit also includes more raw materials than most other kits -- and at a lower price!

Drastically Oversimplified Directions:
Mix the two-part resin (included) and add it to the bag of beads. Place the bag in the seat and have the driver sit against the bag. Pull the air out of the bag with your shop vacuum cleaner or a vacuum pump. After about 35 minutes, the driver can get out. Another 6 - 7 hours later, you have a fully cured seat. Click a link below for full step-by-step instructions or to watch a brief (4-minute) video.

Six sizes are available to cover all seat types. Choose a size based on the amount of room between the driver and the seat:

  • Kart (5 Gallons, 24" x 36" bag) is designed for karting seats or small (lumbar) pads.
  • Extra Small (5 Gallons, 48" x 60" bag) is for backrests or other partial pads in existing seat shells (sedan-type seats).
  • Small (10 gallons, 48" x 60" bag) for is large drivers in small formula cars, or medium drivers in cars with existing seat shells or racing seats. If the seat already fits the driver, this kit will take up any gaps.
  • Medium (15 gallons, 60" x 72" bag) is good for medium-to-small drivers in small formula cars and D Sports Racers (ideal for F1000).
  • Large (25 gallons, 60" x 72" bag) is for medium drivers in cars with no seat shell, or smaller drivers in cars with large existing seat shells. This kit will take up a lot of extra room between the driver and the car.
  • X-Large (30 gallons, 60" x 72" bag) is for all drivers in large cockpits with no seat shell. The full-length seat in the photo was made using an X-Large kit.

It is better to choose a kit that is too large than a kit that is too small. You can remove material to make a kit smaller, but you cannot add material to a kit that is too small.

Each kit includes the bag with Creafoam™ beads, resin, hardener, mixing pail, mixing stick, a roll of gaffer's tape, and full, simple instructions.

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit Instructions

Instructional Video: Fitting a Creafoam Bead Seat Kit

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 5 Gallon (24 x 36 inch bag)

$189.99In Stock

Condition: New

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 5 Gallon (48 x 60 inch bag)

$194.99In Stock

Condition: New

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 10 Gallon

$244.99In Stock

Condition: New

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 15 Gallon

$294.99In Stock

Condition: New

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 25 Gallon

$344.99In Stock

Condition: New

Creafoam Bead Seat Kit, 30 Gallon

$399.99In Stock
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bad product


difficult to use, poor results. Tried to make a seat X 2 Both times followed directions and the results were poor. Would not recommend this product.




What I Learned


I should have watched the videos on youtube before I ordered this instead of after. I was planning to just do a back cushion so I got the small kit, but after watching the video, I realized I should have gotten a larger kit and done the whole seat. Also, the people in the video are professionals and make it look really easy. I did this by myself but I should have had someone help me. You can't really squish the beads behind yourself in the seat while you are sitting! So mine isn't perfect (but still really cool and comfortable for a back rest!) and I may get a bigger kit and do it again, but next time I will know a little more what I am doing.


san diego, ca


exactly what I needed, shipped quickly


I bought this for a custom fit seat for my airplane after my dad used one for his racecar. Since I'm short, I needed mine to be really thick. The instructions that came with it weren't too clear on a couple of things, but when I emailed Pegasus, they got right back to me with detailed answers to my questions plus their own suggestions. It shipped the same day I ordered it. I wish all companies had such great customer service all around. Thank you.

nola pilot

New Orleans, LA


Perfect seat a must buy if you are needing a seat made.


awesome product and fit and finish is great!


Salem, OR




We use this kit for all our seats. Very easy to work with and very comfortable. Comfort and safety are the key things that need to be in place for a fast race car driver, and these seats provide just that. And they look very good after being covered by your local upholstery shop.


Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States


Overall a great kit.


The whole process was not too difficult and the seat came out pretty close to perfect. It was a little hard to determine how much I was going to need so I probably could have gone with a smaller kit, but it was excellent otherwise.


Indianapolis, IN, United States


Creafoam Bead Seat Kit

4.3 6