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(B) Varley Red Top 20 Battery, 13AH

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DMS/Varley Red Top Batteries are designed specifically for racing use!

Capacity13 AH / 240 CA / 185 CCA
Terminals6mm Female (1/4" Ring)
Weight10.9 lbs
Size6.93" L x 3.31" W x 5.12" H
Recommended Use Up to 2.0 liter with alternators:
Formula F (Honda Fit), F2000 (Duratec),
CSR, DSR, F1000

These batteries are pricey but they have the highest energy density of just about any battery available. Many race cars manufactured in England have battery compartments specially designed to accept these batteries and nothing else fits properly. They can be used in any position and resist leakage even if the outer casing becomes damaged. These batteries are considered non-hazardous freight and can be shipped by air or ground.

We also offer a matching Battery Mounting Bracket for this battery, Part No. 1177-107 (sold separately).

Note: Some other batteries on the market may have similiar dimensions, but beware! They may not be suitable for use in a racing environment. A similar battery currently on the market was designed for use as a backup battery in stationary equipment. The manufacturer even recommends against its use in motor vehicles. DMS/Varley Red Top batteries are specifically engineered for motorsports applications.

Our Technical Tips Section has a page of tips on How to Properly Care for Your DMS/Varley Red Top Racing Battery.

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