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Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing, Honda, Carbon, w/ MC Kit

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Brand: Tilton Engineering

This direct-acting throwout bearing eliminates all lost motion due to linkage flex. It replaces the stock release bearing, linkage, and slave cylinder on 1992-2001 Honda Civic and Acura Integra with B/K series transmissions and B16A or B18 engines.

The assembly is a slip fit over the stock transmission pilot tube. The 44mm contact bearing has been selected for use with the Tilton OT-II (7 1/4") dual-disc carbon/carbon clutch. This complete kit also includes a Tilton 75 Series 3/4" bore master cylinder kit and firewall adapter.

Note: You must add a clutch pedal stop to prevent overstroking the release bearing. Failure to fit a pedal stop will result in damage to the clutch and possibly damage to the engine.

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TE 61-7720

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