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Bolt-On Adjustable Pedal Stop

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A pedal stop is critical on the clutch pedal. Without one, you run the risk of bending clutch fingers or release forks, or even blowing the engine!* Even a clutch cable can stretch or snap if pulled too hard. This clever pedal stop is ideal for use with floor-mounted or firewall-mounted pedals (does not work on "overhung" pedals, with the master cylinder over the driver's feet). It is designed to mount right on the mounting bolt or stud on your master cylinder. The stop rod is angled to meet your pedal, and the length easily adjusts from 2 1/4" to 3 1/2" long. Plated steel.

* Really! Pushing the pedal past the release point with an annular slave cylinder (hydraulic release bearing) builds a powerful pressure spike in the system. The excess pressure can actually push the crankshaft forward hard enough to grind away the crankshaft thrust washer or thrust bearing. This can lead to a loss of oil pressure and engine failure in just two or three sessions.

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