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Ford Small Block Hydraulic Roller Cam, Racing Only (Hi Lift)

Click for a larger picture of Ford Small Block Hydraulic Roller Cam, Racing Only (Hi Lift)

Brand: Ford Performance Racing Parts

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This Ford Racing camshaft fits 1985 and later Ford 5.0L (302) HO V8 engines (Mustang and Mk VII LSC) with roller tappets only (also fits 1994-97 351W with factory roller cam when used with mass air EFI). Requires Roller Tappets (Part No. M-6500-R302, sold separately). Not compatible with hydraulic or mechanical flat tappets.

This high-lift camshaft grind is recommended for stock or mildly modified engines where more midrange and top-end power are desired, and sacrificing a smooth idle and low RPM torque is acceptable. This camshaft is ideal for supercharged applications with a manual transmission. Ford Racing recommends against using this camshaft with an automatic transmission. Not legal for use on pollution-controlled vehicles. Made in USA.

Roller Camshaft Specifications*
Intake Events
0.050" Lift
Exhaust Events
0.050" Lift
Duration (SAE)
Duration (SAE)
0.050" Lift
Lift (Inches) Lobe Center
OpenCloseOpenCloseIntakeExhaustIntakeExhaust Lobe Valve IntakeExhaust
4° BTDC 42° ABDC 52° BBDC 6° BTDC 288°288° 226° 226° 0.320" 0.512" 109° 119°

*Measured with 1.60 ratio rockers on 1985+ 302 roller cam engine. Different blocks and different ratio rockers will yield different results. For comparison, the stock 5.0L HO camshaft advertised specs are 266°/266° duration, 0.444" valve lift.

Note 1: On EFI engines, performance camshafts such as this one will only work with mass air induction systems. They will not work with the Explorer EEC-V EFI system.

Note 2: This camshaft has considerably higher lift than the stock cam, which may cause issues with piston-to-valve clearance. You must check your assembly carefully and modify your pistons as needed.

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