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Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield

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Thermo-Flex Heat Shield is a corrugated composite tube with an aluminized outer layer. Its semi-rigid construction makes it much more than just a heat shield material. It provides resistance to abrasion, thermal insulation up to 750°F, and physical containment of hoses and wiring. It can be slit to cover hoses and wiring harnesses without disconnecting or removing hose ends or harness plugs. Available in several different diameters to suit many different applications. Sold in 3 foot lengths.

If you slit this shield lengthwise, you can use our Split Loom Insertion Tool Kit (Part No. 4018-001, sold separately) to easily guide your wires, cables, or hose into the sleeve.

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1831-5/8-3 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 35967

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 0.62" Dia. x 36" Length

$16.48In Stock

1831-3/4-3 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 35968

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 0.75" Dia. x 36" Length

$18.44In Stock

1831-3/4-10 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 82609

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 0.75" Dia. x 120" Length

$61.44In Stock

1831-1-3 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 35969

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 1" Dia. x 36" Length

$21.31In Stock

1831-1.25-3 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 46810

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 1.25" Dia. x 36" Length

$23.98In Stock

1831-1.50-3 Feet
Condition: New
SKU: 56350

Thermo-Flex Aluminum Heat Shield, 1.50" Dia. x 36" Length

$27.16In Stock