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Remote Brake Fluid Reservoir Hose, 1/4 inch ID

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This hose is specially made to be compatible with brake fluid. Note that this 1/4" inner diameter size does not fit any of the reservoirs or inlet fittings that we carry (the items we stock take the larger 5/16" size, Part No. 3575).

Note: Do not be tempted to use rubber fuel hose as a brake fluid feed hose! Typical rubber fuel hose is not compatible with automotive brake fluid. Our hose is formulated to withstand brake fluid and will not dry out, crack, and leak like standard fuel hose will. This hose is only available with a red outer covering, to distinguish it from fuel hose.

ID: 1/4" (0.25" / 6.4mm)
OD: 0.5" (12.7mm)
Maximum operating pressure rating: 200 psi / 13.8 Bar
Operating temperature range: -40° F to +200° F (-40° C to +93° C)
Vacuum rating: 30 in-Hg
Minimum bend radius: 3"
Weight: 0.09 lb / ft

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Condition: New
SKU: 315

Remote Brake Fluid Reservoir Hose, 1/4 inch ID, per foot

$2.15In Stock