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Red Line Synthetic Smokeless 2-Stroke Lubricant

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Brand: Red Line Synthetic Oil

All Red Line 2-cycle oils produce very low smoke, but Red Line Smokeless is formulated for virtually zero smoke. The synthetic base stocks have been developed to completely decompose during the combustion process, reducing pollution. This makes Smokeless the least thermally-stable of all Red Line 2-cycle oils, but it is still considerably more stable than many other synthetics and much more stable than any petroleum oil. High-temperature lubrication is also much better than petroleum oils and many synthetics, providing better scuff protection while preventing ring sticking and deposits on pistons and power valves. Bearing life is also increased, even with oxygenated gasoline. Smokeless sacrifices some of the power that other Red Line oils provide, yet it still outperforms all petroleum oils and many synthetics. Recommended for high-performance stock or lightly modified engines using ISO GD, JASO FC, or API TC oils. Not recommeded for marine use.

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RL011-16 OZ
Condition: New
SKU: 49936

Red Line Smokeless Two-Cycle Lubricant, 16 Ounce Bottle

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