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Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch - Inertia Activated

Click for a larger picture of Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch - Inertia Activated
Click for a larger picture of Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch - Inertia Activated
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Our Inertia Activated Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch will cut power to an electric fuel pump after an impact of 10 to 12 G's or higher*, reducing the risk of post-crash fires caused by pressurized fuel sprayed from ruptured fuel lines. Resets with a simple push on the top of the switch.

This is such a cost effective safety item that many production cars have similar switches installed as original equipment. (Note: Although our switch is similar in operation to the switches found on street vehicles, it is not intended to be a replacement for any OEM switch.)

10 Amp continuous load rating allows the switch to handle the current of most electric fuel pumps (such as Facet low-pressure pumps) directly. Fuel pumps drawing 10 amps or more (such as the Bosch 044 and Aeromotive A1000 pumps) should use this switch to break contact on the fuel pump relay coil circuit. Includes switch, connector kit, and full instructions. Installation time averages less than 30 minutes. The kit is a universal fit for any vehicle with an electric fuel pump.

* A "typical" 8 mph fender-bender might generate a 2 g impact. Most OEM air bags are set to deploy in a 7 g impact, equivalent to hitting a solid wall at about 15 mph or a stationary vehicle at about 25 mph.

Note: Wiring, spade terminals, and mounting screws are no longer included.

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Prompt service and delivery


Montreal Quebec Canada


I would buy this again.


Fuel pump shutoff in race car. I use these in all my race cars.


West Virginia


Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch - Inertia Activated

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