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Hyperco High-Performance Chassis Springs, 70mm I.D.

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Brand: Hyperco Chassis Springs

Chassis springs are one of the most critical components affecting the handling of a racecar. Poor quality springs can prevent the most talented driver and crew from getting a car dialed in due to inconsistent and continually changing spring rates and ride heights. Don't waste your racing budget on a spring that won't hold its rate through half a season.

Hyperco springs have been proven in Indy, IMSA, and F1 to perform consistently, season after season. Advanced metallurgy, spring winding, and heat treating techniques result in springs that won't lose ride height or rate. Hypercoils are finished with a tough blue epoxy powder coat that offers unmatched durability.

These springs fit any coil-over shock designed to use 70mm ID springs. OD varies by rate and length. Length listed is free (relaxed) length. Sold in pairs.

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Condition: New
SKU: 77124

Hyperco Chassis Springs, 70mm I.D. x 8" x 450 lb/in, pair

$158.00In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 77125

Hyperco Chassis Springs, 70mm I.D. x 8" x 500 lb/in, pair

$158.00In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 77131

Hyperco Chassis Springs, 70mm I.D. x 10" x 400 lb/in, pair

$152.00Not In Stock
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