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Facet Cube Style 12 Volt Fuel Pump, 4 to 7 max psi, 3/8 NPT

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Brand: Facet Electric Fuel Pumps

For moderate fuel requirements of engines up to about 150 horsepower, a single Solid State fuel pump is usually sufficient. Facet fuel pumps have low power requirements (about 1 amp at 12 volts) and operate without troublesome seals or diaphragms. Built-in pressure relief means no flooding after shutting down a hot engine. Facet pumps are compatible with gasoline, alcohol blends (up to and including E85), diesel, biodiesel, and fuel additives.

Maximum fuel delivery 32 gallons per hour. Maximum pressure 4 to 7 psi. Typical flow 15 gallons per hour at 3 psi. 3/8 NPT female ports. This pump has a built-in check valve to ensure that fuel can only flow in one direction. It has no anti-siphon valve, so fuel can be pulled through when the pump is off. The negative lead has a ring connector installed. The positive lead has no connector. 60" dry lift rating.

This pump can also replace Facet pump number 40137. All specifications are the same, but the 40137 has a Packard connector on the positive wire, which this pump does not.

Beware of counterfeits! We only sell Genuine Facet pumps - not the unreliable foreign knock-offs sold elsewhere. Facet pumps are still Made in the USA.

Not sure if this is the pump you need? Check out our article on Finding the Part Number on Facet Fuel Pumps.

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I would buy again


Works great


Norwalk WI

Good product


Came as described, did excellent.

NM RV'er

Artesia New Mexico


good product and price.


will purchase from this vendor again


Rich va


Exact replacement


Exactly what I without any modifications.


Lewisberr, PA


Perfect for this application


This is being used as a low pressure feed to a swirl pot that will, in turn, feed a high pressure pump for the FI system. Compact, low power draw and easy to mount. It also has a built-in check valve.


Los Angeles, CA


Nice little pump


I purchased this pump to act as a filler pump for a external sump, (which contains the high pressure pump), for my fuel injected car. It does the job, but is a bit noisy. But once the engine is running I no longer can hear it.


Dallas, TX


Facet Cube Style 12 Volt Fuel Pump, 4 to 7 max psi, 3/8 NPT

5.0 6