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Facet Fuel Pump Part Numbers

Facet Fuel Pump Part Numbers
Which Facet Fuel Pump do I have?

Facet produces many variants of electric fuel pumps. Most of these variants are either the Cube style or the Cylindrical style. Unfortunately, that means that you can't tell which pump you have just by the shape. You need to know the Facet part number.

I already know, it's Facet number 574A!

574A is not a Facet part number. It is the UL listing number, and it appears on the label of all Facet pumps. The Facet part number is never printed on the label.

Where is the part number on my Facet pump?

Facet pumps have several numbers printed on the label and stamped on the metal parts. Ignore all numbers printed on the label. The Facet part number is a 5- to 7- digit number stamped on one mounting flange as shown below.

Facet Cylindrical Pump Label     Facet Cube Style Pump Label

Note that two to four digits will appear on each side of the mounting hole. Click either photo to enlarge.

Cube-style pump numbers are 5 digits, starting with 40.

Cylindrical pump numbers are 5 digits, starting with 40, or 6 digits starting with 47 or 48. There may also be an additional letter at the end (see below).

Dura-Lift pump numbers are 5 digits, starting with 402.

Posi-Flo pump numbers are 5 digits, starting with 60. Posi-Flo pumps have a black polymer body.

What does the letter at the end mean?

Some Facet Cylindrical pump numbers end with a letter. The letter does not affect the suitability of the pump for any particular application (the 476087E shown replaces both the 476087 and 476087I).

  • E stands for Electronic, and I stands for Interrupter. When Facet switched the cylindrical pumps from points-style (Interrupter) to all solid-state (Electronic), this letter designated which way the pump operated. The two are fully interchangeable, and only the Electronic version is currently made.
  • B stands for Bulk, and N stands for iNdividually boxed. This refers to packaging only, and has nothing to do with the pump itself.

The Facet part number will help us to positively identify which pump you have. Once you have the Facet number, you can either search for it on our website or call our Tech Line at 262-317-1200.

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This article was first published on 12/10/2008.

It was most recently modified on 3/26/2015.