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Titan Engine Oil Analysis Kit, Single

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This valuable service has now been packaged in a form that allows you to sample your engine's oil in just a minute or two. During an oil change, simply fill the enclosed sample bottle with 4 ounces of oil, fill out the sample bottle label, and drop the pre-paid shipping box in the mail.

Titan Laboratories performs over 50 tests on each sample and backs up their premium service with a Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Your vehicle may even qualify for a 4 month/$2,500 engine warranty.

Results are mailed, faxed or emailed, and you will have a complete, easy to read report on the condition of your engine and the protective qualities of the oil. The report gives a thorough analysis of the findings, as well as comments and service recommendations where appropriate. The report shows wear elements such as copper, lead, tin, aluminum, iron and chromium. Contaminants such as silicon (dirt) and water are also reported.

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Titan Oil Analysis, Single

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Quick turnaround


Quick turnaround from the company on these and not a bad price when you think about it. I do one or two of these a year to try and make an early diagnosis of engine problems. I have been pleased with the results so far.


Houston, TX


I'll stick with Blackstone


Received my oil analysis and my motor blew up 2 hours later while on track. That's certainly not their fault, just unfortunate timing. However while trying to figure out what went wrong I tried to compare oil samples on various LS motors. Everyone seems to use Blackstone so I couldn't compare apples to apples. Also noticed that the Blackstone analysis has much more personalized information on your car and your mineral levels. Mine had two sentences "water in oil. Copper is high." Not saying a Blackstone analysis would have saved my motor, but going forward I'll pay the extra couple bucks for Blackstone.


Saratoga Springs, NY


Titan Engine Oil Analysis Kit, Single

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