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Assembly Compounds

Do you need the proper chemicals to assemble your engine or transmission correctly?
Then look no further. Pegasus has all the items you need from Loctite threadlockers to RedLine and Ford assembly lubes!

Threadlocking Compounds product group
Threadlocking Compounds
Assembly Lubricants product group
Assembly Lubricants
Anti-Seize Compounds product group
Anti-Seize Compounds
Break-In Compounds product group
Break-In Compounds
Plastigauge product group
Anti-Heat Heat Sink Compound product group
Anti-Heat Heat Sink Compound

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Fluids & Supplies

Recent Top Selling Products for this category

Heat Sink Compound, 12 oz. Tube
Heat Sink Compound, 12 oz. Tube

ANTI-HEAT HEAT SINK COMPOUND protects metals and other materials from the heat of welding, brazing, or soldering. It absorbs surface heat to prevent buckling or warping in thin materials, and more.

(HAO) Loctite Surface Prep Cleaner/Primer/Activator, 4.5 oz
(HAO) Loctite Surface Prep Cleaner/Primer/Activator, 4.5 oz

This Loctite Surface Prep Cleaner, Primer, and Activator "activates" the surface for threadlockers and thread sealants to bond to the surface.

Loctite QuickTape 249 Threadlocker
Loctite QuickTape 249 Threadlocker

Change the way you think about Loctite threadlockers! Instead of a liquid, the familiar blue nutlocker is now available in a neat, clean tape. You can even carry it in your pocket.