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Racing Spirit Clothing Product Category

Racing Spirit Clothing

The Racing Spirit is a unique set of values that all true racers and die-hard racing fans share. It was born in a garage, it burns inside each of us, and it comes to life at tracks around the world. That is the inspiration behind the Racing Spirit clothing line.

Whether you wear your heart on your sleeve or you prefer to share it only with those of us who get it, the Racing Spirit brand has a line for you.

Essential has very clean, simple designs with very small logos. For people who prefer not to shout about it.
Logo and Icon turns up the volume just a bit with larger Racing Spirit logos and the mysterious Racing Spirit "driver icon" figure.
OMP Heritage connects your track life to your everyday life by celebrating 45 years of OMP pure racing heritage.
Motor-Inspired features bold designs that are clearly motorsport-inspired, but some may still be puzzling to outsiders.
Conversational are the most playful. Each design is a riddle, almost daring people to ask about the meaning or the story behind it.

Racing Spirit: Go ahead and love the sport you love.