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Aeroloc Fasteners: Choosing and Using

Aeroloc Fasteners: Choosing and Using
Aeroloc Fasteners bridge the gap between the vintage look of Dzus EHF5 fasteners and the modern strength of Camloc 40-Series fasteners. Each stud comes pre-installed in a diamond-shaped backing plate that matches the Dzus EHF5 perfectly. You can convert from Dzus to Aeroloc without drilling any new holes!

Ordering Aeroloc Fasteners looks confusing at first glance. So many different studs, two different receptacles, even receptacle shims. Where do you start? Easy! Start by measuring the grip.

Grip is simply the total thickness of the pieces to be fastened together. This is the sum total of the thickness of the stationary part, the thickness of the removable panel, and any gap between them (usually caused by rivet heads). This measurement is required for just about any type of through fastener, from bolts or screws to Dzus or Camloc quarter-turn fasteners.

That's it! Once you measure the total grip, find it in the chart below. Note that there is some overlap of the two columns. For grips between 0.350" and 0.470", you can choose either a longer stud with a standard receptacle or a shorter stud with the short receptacle. In all other cases, just one stud/receptacle combination will do the job.

Aeroloc Grip Chart
Grip Standard Receptacle
Short Receptacle
0.110" - 0.140" -07 stud
plus one 1.5mm shim
and one 0.8mm shim
0.140" - 0.170" -07 stud
plus one 1.5mm shim
0.170" - 0.200" -07 stud
plus one 0.8mm shim
0.200" - 0.230" -07 -
0.230" - 0.260" -08 -
0.260" - 0.290" -09 -
0.290" - 0.320" -10 -
0.320" - 0.350" -11 -
0.350" - 0.380" -12 -07 stud
plus two 1.5mm shims
0.380" - 0.410" -13 -07 stud
plus one 1.5mm shim
and one 0.8mm shim
0.410" - 0.440" -14 -07 stud
plus one 1.5mm shim
0.440" - 0.470" -15 -07 stud
plus one 0.8mm shim
0.470" - 0.500" - -07
0.500" - 0.530" - -08
0.530" - 0.560" - -09
0.560" - 0.590" - -10
0.590" - 0.620" - -11
0.620" - 0.650" - -12
0.650" - 0.680" - -13
0.680" - 0.710" - -14
0.710" - 0.740" - -15
Getting to know the Aeroloc components

The Aeroloc system consists of 3 types of parts: Stud Assemblies, Receptacles, and Receptacle Shims. Each one is available in different configurations to cover a wide variety of applications.

Aeroloc Cross Head Studs Aeroloc Bail Head Studs

Stud Assemblies are the part you can see when everything is fastened together. Because they are exposed, four different styles are available. You can choose studs with a cross recess for a #2 Phillips screwdriver, or a bail head for use without tools. Both stud types are available in a backing plate with plain holes for standard rivets, or with dimpled holes for countersunk rivets. The cross head / countersunk hole style would be the most aerodynamic, while the bail head / plain hole would look at home on a vintage motorcycle fairing.

Aeroloc Standard Receptacle Aeroloc Short Receptacle

Receptacles mount behind the fixed structure to receive the studs. The standard receptacle extends about 9/16" from the back of the panel. It is normally used when the Grip is less than 0.350". The short receptacle stands less than 1/4" from the back of the panel. It is normally used when the grip is more than 0.350".

Aeroloc Shim Aeroloc Shim Drawing

Shims are used to move the receptacle farther back from the stationary structure. This has the same effect as making the Grip measurement larger, allowing you to use a longer stud. Not all installations will require a shim.

This article was first published on 12/22/2015.