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We Aggressively Prosecute Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud has increased over the past several years. Luckily, our local police force includes smart, dedicated, hard-working detectives that work with us and other law enforcement organizations to aggressively prosecute fraud. We give them access to our web server logs which often aid their search for suspects. The local detectives work with law enforcement agencies anywhere in the world to bring criminals to justice. If the authorities or internet service provider at the destination do not cooperate, our local detectives will contact the next higher level of law enforcement to gain cooperation or they will subpoena records themselves. Social media and race sanctioning organizations have also been utilized to help identify suspects. (Did we mention that these detectives were smart?) It's amazing what thousands of eyes and ears can discover. If necessary, we have agreed to travel anywhere in the world, at our expense, to testify against criminals, regardless of the amount of loss.

Why do we expend such effort to fight fraud? We do it so that we won't have to raise prices to cover losses caused by fraud. We don't want our honest customers, racing on a tight budget, to have to bear the cost. We believe that if all companies followed our example, credit card fraud would be significantly reduced.

The good news is that since the beginning of 2009, three successful prosecutions have been completed. These resulted in incarceration and orders for restitution and/or return of the products that were obtained illegally. (We're still waiting for some of the restitution, but have recovered a significant portion of our losses.)

Note: Pegasus, in cooperation with various law enforcement organizations, has another very effective way to deal with attempted credit card fraud. However, if we said anything more about this method, it would no longer be effective.

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