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Beta Tools Assortments for Universal Use

VU Sets for All Types of Maintenance and Repairs

Beta Tools have arranged these complete tool assortments based on the needs of real-world professional maintenance technicians. Some of these assortments are tailored to fit a specific Beta Tools cabinet.

Beta Tools Code Decoder
The first two digits (59) indicate a tool assortment.
The next two digits can indicate if an assortment is tailored to a specific cabinet:
"04" fits the C24S Series or C39 Series roller cabinets.
"15" fits large tool bags such as the C12, or small trolleys such as the C41 or C42 Series.
"27" fits the C27S Outdoor Folding Tool Trolley, as well as the C22S or C23S top chests.
"38" fits the C38 roller cabinet.
The next two letters (VU) indicate that the assortment is designed for Universal Maintenance.
Any additional numbers and letters after the slash indicate a variant.
"T" (e.g., /2T) means the assortment includes Thermoformed plastic organizer trays.
"M" (e.g., /1M) means the assortment includes soft foam organizer trays.
No letters after the slash (e.g., /3) means the assortment is loose, with no trays.
"/AS" indicates that the assortment includes SAE (inch) size tools.

Part No.
Beta Tools 5938U/2T Universal Metric Tool Set, 210 Piece


Beta Tools 5938U/2T Universal Metric Tool Set, 210 Piece

$2,657.34In Stock