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July 2014 Pegasus News

A Cool Driver is a Safe Driver.
Overheated drivers have poor reaction times and tend to make more mistakes.
We'll help you keep your cool.
Cool Shirt 24 Quart Pro Air and Water System
Free Shipping* on Cool Shirt 24 Quart Pro Air and Water System - This professional system blows cool, filtered air into your helmet and circulates cold water for up to 6 hours of extreme cooling. Requires ported helmet (not included).
$999 without shirt
Shirts from $139.99
12 Quart System
also available.
Cool Shirt Club System with 12 quart cooler
Free Shipping* on Cool Shirt 12 Quart Club System - A compact and economical water cooling system with leak-proof Platinum-Series cooler, pump, and insulated hose set. Provides up to 3 hours of cooling.
$289.99 without shirt
Shirts from $139.99
24 Quart System
also available.
Cool Shirt Waist Pack System
Free Shipping* on Cool Shirt Waist Pack System - Perfect for formula cars. The 2 quart cooler and 7.2v battery can be mounted separately in the car. They can also be worn around the waist. Great for workers and crew too!

$499 without shirt
Shirts from $139.99
Cool Air System with 135cfm blower and 12 or 24 quart cooler
Free Shipping* on Cool Air Blower System - Pumps cool, filtered air into the driver's helmet. Includes 8 foot blower hose, 3 foot intake hose, 135 CFM blower, 12 or 24 quart cooler, and a HEPA filter. Requires ported helmet (not included).
12 Quart System:
24 Quart System:
Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Vest
Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Vest - Easy to use. Simply soak the vest in water for a minute and squeeze it out. The evaporative cooling effect lasts for hours before rewetting is needed. Slip it on in impound for immediate cooling after the race. Silver-grey with black trim. Available in 7 sizes from X-Small to 3X-Large.

Only $44.99
TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest
TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest contains a phase changing material that freezes at a cool, but not cold, 58 degrees F. Simply put the packs into a cooler of ice water for about 20 minutes and your vest will stay cool up to 2 hours. Features wide, Velcro-adjustable elastic straps at the waist and shoulders for comfort. Four Cool Pax are included.

Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest
Free Shipping* on Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest combines TechKewl phase change technology with Hyperkewl evaporative technology. You can use either method by itself or both for maximum cooling. The phase changing Cool Pax freeze at 58 degrees F when placed in ice water. Four Cool Pax are included.

16 Ounce Drivers Water Bottle
16 Ounce Drivers Water Bottle - Get a refreshing drink, even while wearing a full-face helmet and sitting in a formula car. The flexible 12" long drinking hose gets around your helmet and head sock. The internal siphon tube reaches all the way to the bottom of the bottle so you can drink without tipping the bottle.
Thermal Barrier Products help keep heat away from the driver
Header Wrap Kits
Header Wrap Kits - Header Wrap reduces under-hood temperatures, increases horsepower, and allows better exhaust scavenging. These convenient kits include wrap, snap straps, and Hi-Heat Coating.
From $68.99 for a 1-roll kit
Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier
Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier - Great for keeping heat out of the cockpit or for protecting fiberglass bodywork from damaging exhaust heat. The woven silica material has a high temperature adhesive backing. Easy to install on almost any clean, dry surface. 4 different sheet sizes available.
From $12.49 per sheet
Kevlar Heat Barrier Cloth
Kevlar Heat Barrier Cloth - This woven Kevlar cloth can withstand direct heat up to 1100 degrees F. It can be installed on the heat source or on the part to be protected. 26 inch x 40 inch sheet.
$114.99 per 26 x 40 sheet
Fire Resistant Self-Adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film, 27 inch roll width
Fire Resistant Self-adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film - Reflects up to 750 degrees F radiant heat. Thin, lightweight and easy to install with a pre-applied fire resistant adhesive. 27 inches wide, sold by the running foot.
$31.49 per linear foot
We'll also help make sure that your engine and brakes don't overheat
Red Line Cooling System Water Wetter
Red Line Cooling System Water Wetter - Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature up to 20 degrees F. Use one ounce per quart of coolant.
$10.95 (12 oz)
Free Shipping on Davies Craig 12 Volt 90 Watt Electric Water Pump
Free Shipping* on Davies Craig 12 Volt 90 Watt Electric Water Pump - Increase your engine's cooling system capacity while freeing up valuable horsepower.

Setrab Pro Line Oil Coolers, Adapter Fittings and Mounting Kits
Setrab Pro Line Oil Coolers, Adapter Fittings and Mounting Kits - These fully-brazed, epoxy-coated oil coolers are extremely reliable. Most cooler sizes have M22 ports to accept a wide variety of adapter fittings. Mounting kits with rubber vibration isolators are also available.
Cooling Air Ducting Hose
Cooling Air Ducting Hose - We stock Neoprene and high temperature Silicone Air Ducting Hose, lined or unlined, in a variety of diameters and lengths.
from $4.79 per foot
We also stock
Air Inlet Ducts.
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