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September 2017 Pegasus News

New items for the month of September
Auto Meter DashLink OBD-II Virtual Dashboard

New Auto Meter DashLink OBD-II Virtual Dashboard - Enjoy a full set of data logging gauges without any wiring or installation! The DashLink plugs into the OBD-II port to tap into your vehicle's computer system. Sends data via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, where Auto Meter software displays and records for monitoring and analysis.
DashLink for Android
DashLink for Apple iOS
$149.99 each
(mobile device not included)
MTX-L Plus Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

New MTX-L Plus Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - The next-generation wideband AFR/Lambda gauge from Innovate Motorsports features faster sensor response and faster analog (0-5v) outputs. The extra speed allows more accurate control of engine management systems. The digital gauge includes white and black dial faces, silver and black bezels, and the proven Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor.
With Free Shipping*
Air Intake Hose Kit for Land Rover Defender

New Air Intake Hose Kit for Land Rover Defender - Land Rover used a very thin, brittle air intake hose on the 1993-97 Defender (North American spec 3.9L/4.0L engine), and the original has been discontinued for years. Our custom replacement hose is a heavy-wall silicone rubber with 4 plies of reinforcement for long life. This complete kit even includes two of our special metal-lined hose clamps for trouble-free installation.
With Free Shipping*
MOMO Model 78 Steering Wheel, 330mm

New MOMO Model 78 Steering Wheel, 330mm - This 13 inch racing steering wheel has a clean, no-nonsense look that won't distract you from the job at hand. The suede-covered rim has a slightly contoured grip for comfort. The aluminum center is pre-drilled for the standard MOMO/OMP/Sparco 6x70mm bolt pattern.
350mm diameter (13.87 inch) version is also available.
With Free Shipping*
Other featured items for the month of September
Staubli Quick-Connect Clean-Break Fittings

Staubli Quick-Connect Clean-Break Fittings - We stock an extensive selection of Staubli Clean-Break fittings including the SPH Series for brake and clutch applications, the SPT Series for fuel lines, and the economical RMI Series which can be used for fuel, oil or coolant.
SPH Series: $131.99 to $259.99
SPT Series: $122.99 to $212.99
RMI Series: $58.99 to $129.99
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid - THE racing brake fluid. SRF can make the critical difference when using metallic brake pads with high thermal conductivity. Resistance to foaming makes it an excellent choice for use with ABS braking systems. Packaged in easy-pour 1 liter plastic bottles. Rated DOT 4 (compatible with all DOT 4 fluids). Dry Boiling Point: 590F, Wet Boiling Point: 518F.
Still $69.99 per liter (quantity discounts available)
Free Shipping on Intercomp SW500 E-Z Weigh Scale System

Free Shipping* on Intercomp E-Z Weigh Scale System - This economical digital scale system is certified to 0.1% accuracy. Low-profile 15 x 15 x 2.5 inch billet aluminum scale pads connect with heavy-duty, replaceable color-coded cables. 6,000 pound system capacity (1,500 per pad). Displays all 4 corner weights or percentages and stores up to 100 setups. 2 year warranty.
with Free Shipping*
Beta Tools C30S Super MaxiTank Rolling Work Station

Beta Tools C30S Super MaxiTank Rolling Work Station - This heavy-duty workbench features a worktop with a drain and a 2-ton load capacity. Hydraulic jack at one end lowers two swivel casters and lifts the feet for surprisingly easy mobility. Five locking drawers and a locking "garage door" keep your tools or your project secure. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Understanding Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are usually buried inside a box in the trunk or under the floor, so they rarely get the attention they deserve after they are installed.

Many road racing organizations require fuel cells certified to FIA FT3 (or higher) standards. The fuel cell consists of three parts: The outer can or enclosure, the bladder, and the foam baffling.
The enclosure (typically steel or aluminum) is the cell's first line of defense against damage. FIA fuel cell standards do not actually mention an outer enclosure at all, but SCCA (like many others) requires an enclosure made of 0.036" steel or 0.059" aluminum.
The bladder is the critical part that keeps the fuel inside. The bladder must be strong enough to resist tears and punctures, but it must be flexible enough to deform without cracking open and leaking. Those two competing requirements have led to the use of very high-tech materials like aramid fibers coated with special elastomers.
The foam baffling is there to help to prevent an explosion if the cell fails. A happy side benefit is that the baffling also helps to reduce fuel slosh.

One important thing to note about the FIA standard is Section 2, which states that fuel cells expire 5 years after the date of manufacture. This is because the current space-age materials are very strong when new, but they lose strength dramatically as they age. The old Goodyear (and Firestone, and Uni-Royal, and all the other brands Carroll Smith loved back in 1974) cells were basically rubber with a layer of fabric reinforcement. They lasted a long time, but they were nowhere near as strong as the elastomer-coated aramid materials that are required by the current FIA standards. The tradeoff is that these stronger materials are only stronger for a limited time.

You can keep your cell healthier with a little maintenance and inspection. Drain the cell completely before off-season storage. If you run an alcohol-bearing fuel, drain the cell immediately after every event. Gasoline exposure affects the bladder, but alcohol attacks the foam baffling as well. Even with pure gasoline, you should replace the foam baffling periodically. Every two years is usually sufficient with pure petroleum fuel. Still, prevention is better than losing half a dozen races while all those clogging schnibbles of old broken-down foam try to work their way through your fuel system.

Click the link below to learn more!

Understanding Fuel Cells

More Air and Fuel Tech Documents

Fuel Safe Fuel Cells

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