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October 2017 Pegasus News

October is Fire Safety Month - Get the protection you need
SPA Extreme Novec 1230 Fire Systems, FIA Approved
Free Shipping* on SPA Extreme Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Systems - Novec 1230 is 3M's green replacement for Halon. Novec releases as a gas, so it requires no cleanup afterwards. It is safe for confined spaces and will not harm sensitive electronics. These FIA-approved electrically-actuated systems are SCCA-legal for all cars.
from $1299 (2.5 kg)
With Free Shipping*
SPA 4.0L AFFF Fire Systems, FIA Approved
Free Shipping* on SPA 4.0L Multi-Flo Fire Suppression Systems - These FIA-approved, SCCA-legal fire systems include a pressurized bottle filled with 4 liters of AFFF (foam) extinguishant, 6 discharge nozzles, tubing, and actuator. Available in Electrical or Mechanical actuation versions, with economical steel or lightweight aluminum bottles.
from $394.99 (mechanical system with steel bottle)
With Free Shipping*
SFI-Approved FireBottle FE-36 Fire Suppression Systems
Free Shipping* on SFI-Approved FireBottle FE-36 Fire Suppression Systems - FE-36 is DuPont's ozone-friendly replacement for Halon, with similar performance and lower toxicity. FE-36 releases as a gas and requires no cleanup afterwards. These SFI 17.1-approved fire systems are SCCA-legal for all cars and all classes.
from $409.99
With Free Shipping*
FireCharger 2.3L AFFF Field-Refillable Fire System
Free Shipping* on FireCharger 2.3L AFFF Field-Refillable Fire Suppression System - The best value in fire suppression! The revolutionary FireCharger can be filled and refilled at the track, with no special tools or training! This makes the FireCharger a favorite in LeMons, ChumpCar, and other racing series where FIA or SFI certification is not required.
With Free Shipping*
OMP Fire-Resistant Driver's Suits
OMP Fire-Resistant Driver's Suits - OMP has a long history as one of the leading suppliers of fire suits to club and pro race drivers around the world. OMP racing suits offer unmatched comfort and feel with distinctive European styling.
SFI-1 rated from $149
SFI-5 rated from $399
FIA rated from $439
Alpinestars Fire-Resistant Driver's Suits
Alpinestars Fire-Resistant Driver's Suits - If you watch any pro racing, you know Alpinestars. From humble beginnings in 1963, the familiar a-star logo can now be seen in racecar cockpits from Indy and F1 to NASCAR and rally.
SFI-5 rated (2 layer) from $399.95
FIA rated (2 layer) from $549.95
FIA rated (3 layer) from $799
Fire-Resistant Long Underwear
Fire-Resistant Long Underwear - Wearing fire-resistant long underwear under a driver's suit can provide a dramatic increase in protection against burns. We offer long underwear, socks, and balaclavas with or without SFI or FIA approval. Choose from Nomex, CarbonX, and other flame-retardant fabrics.
tops or bottoms from $79 each
socks or balaclavas from $19.99
Molecule Labs Fabric Care System
Molecule Labs Fabric Care System - Keep your driver's suit and long underwear looking (and smelling) like new! The Molecule system eliminates the need for expensive dry cleaning. It can even help your suit perform better by stopping fuel and oil spills from soaking into the fabric. Full kit includes Wash, Protector, Spot Cleaner, and Refresh deodorizing spray.
Other featured items for the month of October
AiM MXL 2 Data Logging Dash
Free Shipping* on the AiM MXL 2 Data Logging Dash - The MXL 2 is the next generation of the extremely popular MXL dash loggers. Improvements include greater display flexibility, on-screen track mapping, and more intelligent alarms. The auto-dimming backlight on the LCD screen can even change color if an alarm is triggered. Secure Wi-Fi data download eliminates the cable from the car to your laptop.
with Free Shipping*
Varley Red Top Racing Batteries
Free Shipping* on Varley Red Top Racing Batteries - Designed specifically for racing use. These sealed 12 volt lead-acid batteries have extremely high energy density. Many European-built race cars have battery compartments designed to accept a Varley Red Top, and nothing else fits properly or works as well. Seven different sizes from 7AH to 51AH are in stock.
from $249.99
with Free Shipping*
MS21042 Jetnuts

MS21042 Jetnuts - These compact self-locking nuts are lighter than the more common AN365 nylon-insert locknuts. Because they are all-metal, they are rated to temperatures up to 450F (AN365 nuts are limited to 250F). The reduced hex size also helps where wrench access is tight.
from $0.20 each (quantity discounts available)
we also offer similar Metric Jetnuts.
Beta C24SL Roller Tool Cabinet with Shelves
Beta C24SL Roller Tool Cabinet with Shelves - Has seven locking drawers plus two generous shelves on one end. The other end has a bottle shelf and a paper towel holder. The sturdy wood top makes a great work surface. Weighs just 139 pounds empty, but it can hold up to 1500 pounds! Rolls easily on 5 inch diameter casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes). Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Choosing and Owning a Fire Suppression System

For such a critical piece of safety equipment, fire systems can be a complicated topic. There is so much information, it can be hard to know what questions to ask.

If you are shopping for a new system, start by reading your rule book. What do the rules require? What is acceptable, and what will get you sent home early? Returning an incorrect fire system is nearly impossible, so it is critical to get it right the first time.

Should you get an electrical system or mechanical? Electrical systems allow more flexibility in installation, but they are typically more expensive.

What extinguishing agent is best? AFFF (foam) systems are often less expensive than gas, but gas systems do not require any cleanup afterwards.

How many nozzles do you need? You can't add or omit nozzles from most systems.

Click the link below to learn more!

Choosing and Using a Fire Suppression System

If you are a new owner of a fire suppression system, there is still more to know. Even if you have owned a fire system for years, Fire Safety Month is a perfect time to give your fire suppression system a little love.

Your fire system requires regular maintenance. There are specific things you need to do before every on-track session (test the battery and arm the system), before every race outing (check the pressure gauge and discharge lines), before every season (weigh the bottle), and every 2 years (send the bottle in for recertification).

If you take your racecar to car shows, or if you have young fans who like to sit in your racecar, there's an easy trick that can save you money when you hear "Hey, what does this red button do?"

Click the link below to learn more!

How to Own a Fire Suppression System

More Safety Equipment Tech Documents

Fire Suppression Systems

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