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June 2018 Pegasus News

New products for the month of June
AiM IR Tire Temp Sensor
New AiM IR Tire Temp Sensor - Why wait until after the session to measure tire temps? This infra-red sensor monitors the temperature of the tire tread surface in real-time. You can gain valuable chassis tuning insight by connecting temperature changes to specific corners on the track. Works with any AiM data logging dash or EVO series data logger.
$100 each
Schroth 2x2 FIA Formula Car Harness

New Schroth 2x2 FIA Formula Car Harness - This super-lightweight 6-point harness is designed for single-seat sports racers and formula cars. The webbing is thinner, lighter, and more flexible than most other brands. FIA 8858-2016 homologated, available in Black or Red.
with Free Shipping*
RaceQuip 356 Series Driving Gloves

New RaceQuip 356 Series Driving Gloves - These budget-conscious 2-layer Nomex driving gloves are the first from RaceQuip to feature external seams (AKA reverse stitching) to reduce pressure points between the fingers. SFI 3.2A/5 rated, available in Grey and black or Red and black.
Sabelt Diamond TG-7 Driving Gloves

New Sabelt Diamond TG-7 Driving Gloves - These professional-level 2-layer driving gloves are designed for comfort and performance. External seams, pre-curved fingers, and a Nomex palm with small suede wear patches all work to reduce bunching and pressure points. FIA 8856-2000 homologated, available in Black, Blue, or Red.
Other featured items for the month of June
Varley Red Top Racing Batteries
Free Shipping* on Varley Red Top Racing Batteries - Designed specifically for racing use. These sealed 12 volt lead-acid batteries have extremely high energy density. Many European-built race cars have battery compartments designed to accept a Varley Red Top, and nothing else fits properly or works as well. Seven different sizes from 7AH to 51AH are in stock.
from $249.99
with Free Shipping*
Master Battery Cutoff Switch with Alternator Protection
Master Battery Cutoff Switch with Alternator Protection - This top-quality master battery cutoff switch includes two extra sets of contacts: One set disconnects the ignition to stop the engine, and the other set safely dumps the output of the alternator through the furnished heavy-duty resistor.
Single-circuit version for total-loss systems: $39.99
Free Shipping on the Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump
Free Shipping* on the Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump - This genuine Bosch roller-vane fuel pump (Bosch FP200) is capable of delivering up to 53 gallons per hour (200 liters per hour) at 72 psi. It is OEM on many European performance cars, and has several decades of racing victories.
We also offer a wide range of Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Adapter Fittings to help you connect the pump to just about any fuel system.
Beta Tools C41H Two Module Tool Trolley, Red

New Colors on the Beta Tools C41H Two Module Tool Trolley - Beta wanted to do something special to celebrate the popular C41H rolling trolley's 10th birthday. Now, for the first time since its introduction in 2008, the C41H is available in different colors! We have Midnight Black, Forza Red, Industrial Grey, and of course the original Beta Orange in stock.
with Free Shipping*
Product Spotlight: Beta Tools 55 Model Ratchet Drivers

The ratcheting mechanism of the Beta Tools "55" ratchet handles (900/55, 910/55, and 920/55 shown here) deserves a closer look.

Beta Tools 920/55 1/2 Inch Drive Ratchet Mechanism Details

These ratchets have 72 teeth so they require only 5 degrees of rotation to catch the next tooth (because of the small size, the 1/4 inch drive 900/55 ratchet has 48 teeth and requires 7.5 degrees). But unlike many other brands, Beta uses a solid pawl that engages no fewer than 17 teeth at once. This gives Beta ratchets more torque capacity and better slip resistance than competing brands that only engage 12, 11, or even just 8 teeth.

The reversing lever is also unusually well-designed. The low-profile slider snaps positively from forward to reverse. You can't accidentally reverse it, no matter how you hold it! Directional arrows make it crystal-clear which direction the socket will turn.

Read more about the Beta Tools 55 Model Ratchet Details.

Each ratchet will accept any brand of standard square-drive sockets.

Beta Tools 910/55 3/8 inch Square Drive Ratchet Handle - $54.92
Beta Tools 920/55 1/2 inch Square Drive Ratchet Handle - $68.34

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