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March 2019 Pegasus Mid-Month Update

New Products for Our Mid-Month Update
Silicone FF1600 Valve Cover Gasket
New Silicone FF1600 Valve Cover Gasket - Toss those cork gaskets in the trash! This molded silicone gasket is soft enough to conform to slightly warped valve cover flanges. Reusable indefinitely, so it may be the last valve cover gasket you ever buy!
HANS III, Model 30 for Formula Cars
New HANS III, Model 30 for Formula Cars - The HANS III features the distinctive cut-out backboard seen in F1 and IndyCars. The economical HANS III is now available in a more laid-back Model 30 for formula cars and sports racers.
$559 with Pro PA helmet anchors
with Free Shipping*
OMP 2-Blade Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel Hubs
New OMP 2-Blade Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel Hubs - These FIA-approved QR steering hubs have a unique 2-blade interface instead of a hex or splines. You can mate the hub without pulling the release collar. Just push the wheel onto the slug and it snaps in place! Choose bolt-on, weld-on, plain or wired.
$399 (non-wired)
$559 (with 11-pin connector)
with Free Shipping*
Other Featured Products for Our Mid-Month Update
Webster Dog Rings for Mk-Series Gearboxes
Free Shipping* on Webster Dog Rings for Mk-Series Gearboxes - Worn dogs can cause missed shifts (and vice versa!). If your Mk-Series transaxle has been popping out of gear, it's likely due to worn-out dog rings.
Hewland Dog Rings are also available - $237.99
with Free Shipping*
Flo-Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps
Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps - Move up to 8 gallons per minute without lifting or straining with a Flo Fast pump. Refuel the car between sessions, or crank the pump backwards to empty your fuel cell for storage. Choose the economical original series for occasional use or the stronger Pro Series for everyday use.
from $159.99
Intercomp Scale Levelers with Roll-Off Platforms
Free Shipping* on Intercomp Scale Levelers with Roll-Off Platforms - These adjustable platforms let you bring all four of your 2.5 inch scale pads to exactly the same height. Each platform has a roll-off area that lets you move the car to settle the suspension after adjustments.
$995 for a full set of 4
with Free Shipping*
MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 250mm Steering Wheel
Free Shipping* on the MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 250mm Steering Wheel - This compact 9 7/8" wheel is flat on the bottom for leg clearance in cramped formula car cockpits. The top of the rim is open for gauge visibility in a lay-down seat.
We also stock the slightly larger MOMO Flat-Bottom Cut-Off Top 270mm Steering Wheel for sports racers.
with Free Shipping*
Complete Air Jack System
Free Shipping* on our Complete Air Jack System - This is the same kit used by top pro teams in IMSA and Trans-Am. The complete kit includes 4 cylinders, each rated to support 850 lbs with just 200 psi of air. Includes mounting brackets and gussets for welding to the chassis.
with Free Shipping*
Woven Nomex Material
Nomex Material - We stock Nomex material in Black, Natural, Red, Orange, and Royal Blue colors. The matte-finish, flat woven 6 ounce Nomex material can be used to cover custom seat inserts or for lasting repairs to driver's suits. Fabric is 60 inches wide and is sold by the running foot.
$19.99 per linear foot
(5 foot width)
obp Motorsport Hydraulic Handbrakes
OBP Hydraulic Handbrakes - Handbrake turns are common in rallying, drifting, and Solo II (parking lot autocross) events. Hydraulic handbrakes work much faster and more precisely than cable systems. This is why hydraulic handbrakes are found on all professional rally cars.
Fifteen different versions in stock priced from $85.99 to $429.99
Sabelt FIA 8855-1999 Racing Seats

Sabelt FIA 8855-1999 Racing Seats - Sabelt racing seats are made with the same attention to detail as the industry-leading Sabelt restraint harnesses. We stock 6 models to suit everyone from occasional track day enthusiasts to pro drivers.
from $690
Beta C24SL Roller Tool Cabinet with Shelves
Beta C24SL Roller Tool Cabinet with Shelves - Has seven locking drawers plus two generous shelves on one end. The other end has a bottle shelf and a paper towel holder. The sturdy wood top makes a great work surface. Weighs just 139 pounds empty, but it can hold up to 1500 pounds! Rolls easily on 5 inch diameter casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes). Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Product Spotlight: Nomex

We offer Nomex fabric, thread, hook-and-loop tape, and zippers to keep your driver's suit performing like new. Nomex fabric is also useful for covering custom seat inserts. Our Nomex FAQ page answers some of the most common questions our customers ask about Nomex.

Nomex Fabric, Thread, and Components for Driver's Suit Repairs

What is Nomex?
Nomex is a registered trademark for a synthetic fiber developed by DuPont. Nomex belongs to a family of fibers called aramids (which also includes Kevlar). Most Nomex fabric used in racing suits is actually a blend of Nomex and Kevlar fibers called Nomex III. This blend has a higher heat resistance than pure Nomex.

Why is Nomex so popular for driver's safety gear?
Nomex is very strong yet soft. It does not melt or drip when exposed to flame. It insulates against heat in a fire, and it is highly flame resistant.

Isn't Nomex fireproof?
Almost nothing in the world is entirely fireproof. Nomex can be called fire resistant, flame retardant, or self-extinguishing because it does not support combustion. When you expose Nomex to a flame, it will appear to burn. But it will not "catch" fire. When you take the flame away, the fire will go out on its own. In other words, once you get out of the fire, you're no longer on fire.

What happens when Nomex is in a fire?
The individual fibers will carbonize and swell. Carbonizing helps to absorb some of the heat from the fire (instead of transmitting it to the wearer). The swelling closes off the small openings in the weave, which helps to block heat. The swelling also increases the insulation between the wearer and the fire.

Do I have to worry about my old Nomex expiring?
No. The fire resistance is an inherent property of the Nomex molecule, not a coating or a treatment. Age and normal use will not change it. On the other hand, you do need to watch for wear and tear (rips, thin spots) which can compromise safety. Also, driver's suit construction has come a long way in just the last few years. New suits protect better and yet are much lighter and more comfortable than most older suits.

For more information, please visit our Nomex Frequently Asked Questions page.

* Free Shipping on most orders over $199 shipped within the Continental United States
We have many large and heavy items in our inventory. That has made it difficult for us to offer a wide-ranging free shipping policy. Yet we realize that free shipping is important to many of our customers. You spoke and we heard you. More than 99.7% of the items in our inventory now qualify for Free Shipping on orders over $199 shipped to the 48 states within the continental US. There are a few exceptions (mainly Roll Bars, Roll Cages, Beta tool cabinets, Racing Seats, and full sheets of Jabroc). We've tried to keep the exceptions to a minimum. Orders with free shipping are shipped by the most economical method of our choice. Air shipments and other orders with paid shipping are given priority in our warehouse, so orders with free shipping may not always ship the same day. However, if you have a few extra days available in your schedule, you can save significantly with our new free shipping policy. Note: Our Free Shipping policy applies to retail customers only.
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