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June 2019 Pegasus Mid-Month Update

New Products for Our Mid-Month Update
KOUL Tools Fitting Fixers
New KOUL Tools Fitting Fixers - Never toss another male AN fitting (or the expensive part it's attached to) in the trash again! These precision tools let you lap the sealing flare on any male AN fitting.
$171.50 (3AN through 8AN set)
$196.00 (10AN through 16AN set)
Locking Tear-Off Posts
New Locking Tear-Off Posts - Have you tried everything in an effort to keep your tear-off shields tight on your helmet? These special aluminum posts have a set screw to positively lock the post in position after you set the tension.
$24.99 per pair including tools
Flo-Fast Pro Series Telescoping Fluid Pump
New Flo-Fast Pro Series Telescoping Fluid Pump - If you regularly use different size utility jugs (5 gallon, 7 gallon, 11, gallon, 15 gallon) you will appreciate the newest Pro Series Flo-Fast pump with a telescoping draw tube.
with Free Shipping*
Other Featured Products for Our Mid-Month Update
Wilwood WLD20 Caliper
Free Shipping* on the Wilwood WLD20 Caliper - Wilwood has turned their legendary expertise in manufacturing aluminum brake calipers to the discontinued AP/Lockheed CP2577-3E0 caliper, also known as the LD20. The WLD20 is a direct bolt-on replacement, with the same port threads and piston size as the original. It even takes the same pads.
$199.99 each
with Free Shipping*
Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover
Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover - Lose the black streaks, quickly and easily! Mothers R3 is formulated specifically to take rubber scuff marks off of racing vehicles. Safe for use on paint, plating, anodizing, glass, and vinyl graphics.
$8.99 (24 oz spray bottle)
AiM MXP Dash Logger
Free Shipping* on the AiM MXP Dash Logger - The MXP is a full-color data logging dash that bridges the size gap between the MXG and the MXS. Features, function, and connectivity are the same as the larger MXG and smaller MXS.
with Free Shipping*
Standard Formula Car Steering Rack
Free Shipping* on our Standard Formula Car Steering Rack - Unlike most racks which bend the rack towards the pinion to adjust backlash, ours has a unique eccentric housing that actually moves the pinion closer to the rack. This results in smooth operation and longer bearing life. Semi-generic "in stock" design is great for original construction.
We can also order Custom-Made Formula Car Steering Racks to your specifications.
SPA Design F-1 Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub
Free Shipping* on the SPA Design F-1 Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub - These splined hubs have been the choice of many F1 and F3 constructors. When you see one, you will understand why. The high-quality materials and expert machining result in virtually zero play. The asymmetric spline ensures that the wheel can only go on one way. FIA and SFI approved.
with Free Shipping*
Antigravity XP-10 Micro-Start
Antigravity XP-10 Micro-Start - Jump-start a 6.0L diesel truck, charge your cell phone or tablet, or just run your laptop for a couple of hours. The XP-10 personal power supply is about the size of a paperback book, but it has the power to jump-start a V8 gas engine over 30 times on a single charge. Full kit includes jumper cables, USB charging cords, and a universal DC power cord, all in a zippered organizer case.
with Free Shipping*
Facet Solid State Low-Pressure Electric Fuel Pumps
Facet Electric Fuel Pumps - We now have 45 different models of Facet solid-state low-pressure electric fuel pumps in stock. Choose the compact Cube Style (12v or 24v), the higher-capacity Cylindrical Style (12v or 24v), the self-priming Dura-Lift series (12 or 24v), or the quieter Posi-Flow series. All are compatible with a wide range of fuels, including pump gas, alcohol blends to E85, and diesel.
from $42.49
Facet Clear In-Line Fuel Filters
Facet Clear In-Line Fuel Filters - These compact 74 micron filters are designed to filter the fuel going into your fuel pump. Several have a recessed 1/8 NPT male fitting for direct installation on a Facet Cube-Style or Posi-Flo pump inlet.
$11.29 with 1/8 NPT male fitting at one end
$9.89 with male hose barbs at both ends
Beta Tools C53 CargoEvolution Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C53 CargoEvolution Tool Cabinet - This professional wall-mount cabinet is designed to hold a lot of tools without taking up a lot of floor space. You've seen it in the movie Rush, in pro racing transporters, and in the F1 paddock. Now you can have it in your own garage! Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
$975.52 empty (tools, hooks, and racks sold separately)
Product Feature: Facet Low-Pressure Fuel Pumps

Find out all you need to know about Facet Cube Style, Cylindrical Style, Posi-Flo, and Dura-Lift pumps

Our Facet FAQ page covers nearly everything from choosing the right Facet pump to proper pump installation. You'll also find useful tips on how to keep your pump healthy, and even a quick history of Facet pumps.

More Tech Documents on Air and Fuel Delivery
Shop for Facet Fuel Pumps
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