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September 2019 Pegasus Mid-Month Update

New Products for Our Mid-Month Update
AiM Strada Logger Module
New AiM Strada Logger Module - Turn your AiM MXG/MXS/MXP 1.2 Strada street dash into a full race-spec data logger! The Strada Logger uses a standard SD memory card (not included) to add full logging functions to the latest generation of Strada dash displays.
$850 (no memory card)
with Free Shipping*
obp Universal Servo Replacement
New obp Universal Servo Replacement - Replace the vacuum booster with a race-spec dual master cylinder and bias bar setup while keeping your stock pedals. This universal kit from obp Motorsport fits most cars with a minimum of fuss.
$369.99 (without master cylinders)
with Free Shipping*
Low-Profile Air Horn for Weber DGV/DGAS
New Low-Profile Air Horn for Weber DGV/DGAS - This velocity stack fits both Weber DGV (progressive) and DGAS (synchronous) carburetors. It adds less than 1 1/2 inches to the height of the carb, so most air filters will fit over it. You can even keep the choke mechanism.
Other Featured Products for Our Mid-Month Update
Bosch Blue Ignition Coil
Bosch Blue Ignition Coil - The Bosch "Blue" coil was standard equipment on many European sports cars, with good reason. It is still one of the most reliable OEM-type 12 volt coils available. Suitable for points as well as breakerless ignitions (Pertronix Ignitor I) that use a coil with 3 Ohms resistance.
Arai GP-5W Helmet, Snell SA2015 / FIA 8859-2015
Free Shipping* on the Snell SA2015 Arai GP-5W Helmet - Arai has been hand-building top-quality helmets since 1950. Unlike other helmet companies that build special custom-made helmets for the pros, Arai supplies F1 and IndyCar drivers with the same off-the-shelf helmets you can buy. The GP-5W has the same construction as the open-wheel GP-6, but with a wider eyeport.
with Free Shipping*
AiM MXm Mini Dash Logger
Free Shipping* on the AiM MXm Mini Dash Logger - The MXm is a non-expandable dash logger for hose who need just the basic data. The super-compact LCD display is great for sportbikes and ATVs. Sierra and Lyfe Motorsports even chose it for the amazing Sierra RX3 single-seater rallycross vehicle.
with Free Shipping*
Cartek 16-Channel Power Distribution Panel
Free Shipping* on the Cartek 16-Channel Power Distribution Panel - Bolt in an array of switches, relays, and circuit breakers all at once! This panel can handle the most complex switching demands, from headlights and hazard flashers to fuel pumps and windshield wipers.
with Free Shipping*
Smart Camber Digital Camber Gauge
Free Shipping* on the Smart Camber Digital Camber Gauge - The digital display on the Smart Camber gauge shows camber angles in degrees, with no interpretation or guesswork. The Smart Camber gauge is still the preferred gauge used by many pro racing teams.
Still only $224.99
with Free Shipping*
Add the optional Hands-Free Attachment (sold separately) for easy caster measurements.
Woven Nomex Material
Nomex Material - We stock Nomex material in Black, Natural, Red, Orange, and Royal Blue colors. The matte-finish, flat woven 6 ounce Nomex material can be used to cover custom seat inserts or for lasting repairs to driver's suits. Fabric is 60 inches wide and is sold by the running foot.
$19.99 per linear foot
(5 foot width)
Economy Safety Wire Pliers
Economy Safety Wire Pliers - Safety wire remains the most assured method of preventing critical fasteners from loosening. These light-duty wire twisting pliers feature a spring-loaded automatic return to make the job easier. The build quality is not as nice as the more expensive professional models we carry, but they are great for occasional use.
6 inch: $25.99
10 inch: $29.99
Sabelt Taurus Racing Seat

Sabelt Taurus Racing Seat - Sabelt offers several FIA 8855-1999 approved racing seats, but the Taurus is the top of the line, with high thigh support and side helmet bolsters.
Also available: Sabelt Taurus XL for larger drivers - $960
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet - This professional-grade "Service Module" pit cart is equally at home in the shop. Seven drawers in one half are complemented by an extra-deep drawer, paper towel holder, and trash basket in the other half. 20 inches wide x 60 inches long x 38 inches high. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Product Spotlight: Nomex

We offer Nomex fabric, thread, hook-and-loop tape, and zippers to keep your driver's suit performing like new. Nomex fabric is also useful for covering custom seat inserts. Our Nomex FAQ page answers some of the most common questions our customers ask about Nomex.

Nomex Fabric, Thread, and Components for Driver's Suit Repairs

What is Nomex?
Nomex is a registered trademark for a synthetic fiber developed by DuPont. Nomex belongs to a family of fibers called aramids (which also includes Kevlar). Most Nomex fabric used in racing suits is actually a blend of Nomex and Kevlar fibers called Nomex III. This blend has a higher heat resistance than pure Nomex.

Why is Nomex so popular for driver's safety gear?
Nomex is very strong yet soft. It does not melt or drip when exposed to flame. It insulates against heat in a fire, and it is highly flame resistant.

Isn't Nomex fireproof?
Almost nothing in the world is entirely fireproof. Nomex can be called fire resistant, flame retardant, or self-extinguishing because it does not support combustion. When you expose Nomex to a flame, it will appear to burn. But it will not "catch" fire. When you take the flame away, the fire will go out on its own. In other words, once you get out of the fire, you're no longer on fire.

What happens when Nomex is in a fire?
The individual fibers will carbonize and swell. Carbonizing helps to absorb some of the heat from the fire (instead of transmitting it to the wearer). The swelling closes off the small openings in the weave, which helps to block heat. The swelling also increases the insulation between the wearer and the fire.

Do I have to worry about my old Nomex expiring?
No. The fire resistance is an inherent property of the Nomex molecule, not a coating or a treatment. Age and normal use will not change it. On the other hand, you do need to watch for wear and tear (rips, thin spots) which can compromise safety. Also, driver's suit construction has come a long way in just the last few years. New suits protect better and yet are much lighter and more comfortable than most older suits.

For more information, please visit our Nomex Frequently Asked Questions page.

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