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February 2020 Pegasus News

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Schroth 2x2 FIA Flexi Harness
Free Shipping* on the Schroth 2x2 FIA Flexi Harness - This super-lightweight 6-point harness is designed for sedans. The webbing is thinner, lighter, and softer than most other brands. The Flexi name comes from the convertible pull-up / pull-down lap belts. FIA 8858-2016 homologated. Belts with 2025 expiration date are in stock in Black or Red.
with Free Shipping*
Apex Covered Universal Joints
Apex Covered Universal Joints (Helicopter Joints) - These strong yet compact, military specification (MS20271) joints are ideal for shift linkages in mid-engined formula cars. A silicone rubber boot permanently seals in the lubricant. ALL 8 sizes of Apex Joints in stock, from 0.25 to 1.25 inch bore.
from $119.99 (quantity discounts available)
Silicone Reservoir Hose Upgrade Kit for Ford F150

Silicone Reservoir Hose Upgrade Kit for Ford F150 - Ford used a hose that clips onto the coolant reservoir on 2011-16 F150 with the 5.0L V8 and 3.5L EcoBoost engines. Our complete upgrade kit includes everything you need to replace that leak-prone hose with a high-quality silicone hose and hose clamps. This is a permanent fix that is much less expensive than OEM parts. Choose a kit with Black (shown), Blue, or Red hose.
$30.99 (quantity discounts available)
Our AiM Practical Data Acquisition Seminar returns for the 10th year!
10th Annual AiM Data Acquisition Seminar to be held on Saturday, March 21st, 2020
Our 10th Annual AiM Data Acquisition Seminar on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 still has a few seats remaining has sold out! - Thanks to everyone who signed up. We are looking forward to seeing you in March!
AiM EVO4S Data Logger
Free Shipping* on the AiM EVO4S Data Logger - Continues the evolution of the powerful EVO series of data loggers. Five analog channels and 2 wheel speed channels; uses similar direct screw-in connections (one per sensor) like the EVO4, but supports the new Race Studio 3 software. Includes GPS08 module. Does not include a display.
$1199 (logger only, no display)
with Free Shipping*
AiM Formula Car Wheel v3 for EVO4S/EVO5
Free Shipping* on the AiM Formula Car Wheel v3 for EVO4S/EVO5 - This Formula Car Wheel dash display from AiM is specifically designed to work with the 5th-generation AiM EVO loggers (EVO4S and EVO5). All display functions are controlled by weatherproof buttons on the wheel. Features 6 shift lights and 4 alarm lights. Logger sold separately.
$999 (wheel only, no logger)
with Free Shipping*
February Special: obp Motorsport Steel Track-Pro Japanese Pedal Box

Save 45% on the obp Motorsport Steel Track-Pro Japanese Pedal Box!

Save 45% on the obp Motorsport Steel Track-Pro Japanese Pedal Box

Easily convert your Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan 240SZ, Skyline, or Toyota Supra to a race-spec dual-master brake system. Steel Clutch, Brake, and Throttle pedals are installed in a lightweight steel frame. These assemblies include a brake bias bar. Master cylinders are available separately.

Was $509
Now $279.99
with Free Shipping*

This sale only applies to in-stock steel pedal boxes. Quantities are limited, so hurry before someone else gets your discount!

obp Motorsport Steel Track-Pro Japanese Pedal Box

Other Featured Items for the Month of February
Bosch Blue Ignition Coil
Bosch Blue Ignition Coil - The Bosch "Blue" coil was standard equipment on many European sports cars, with good reason. It is still one of the most reliable OEM-type 12 volt coils available. Suitable for points as well as breakerless ignitions (Pertronix Ignitor I) that use a coil with 3 Ohms resistance.
Arai GP-5W Helmet, Snell SA2015 / FIA 8859-2015
Free Shipping* on the Snell SA2015 Arai GP-5W Helmet - Arai has been hand-building top-quality helmets since 1950. Unlike other helmet companies that build special custom-made helmets for the pros, Arai supplies F1 and IndyCar drivers with the same off-the-shelf helmets you can buy. The GP-5W has the same construction as the open-wheel GP-6, but with a wider eyeport.
with Free Shipping*
Oversize OD Main Bearings for FF1600
Oversize OD Main Bearings for Ford 1600 - Get your old line-bored FF1600 engine block back on track! Ford often fixed minor misalignment issues on brand-new engine blocks by boring out the main bearing saddles before putting them in service. We have the hard-to-find special main bearings with a 0.015 inch oversized outside diameter to fit these line-bored blocks. Standard, 10 under, and 20 under sizes in stock.
$124.99 per set
Longacre Computerscales Wireless XLi with Tablet
Free Shipping* on the Longacre Computerscales Wireless XLi with Tablet - Is your New Year's resolution to lose weight (from your racecar)? This pro-quality digital scale kit takes full advantage of the color screen on a wireless tablet computer to show you more information than ever before. The complete system even includes a 7" tablet with pre-loaded software.
with Free Shipping*
Free Shipping on Intercomp Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Free Shipping* on the Intercomp Digital Tire Pressure Gauge - This 100 psi gauge sets the standard for speed, accuracy, and value. Accurate to within 0.5% of the applied pressure. Other brands boast 0.5% of the full scale. That can mean a 1/2 pound difference!
with Free Shipping*
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet - This professional-grade "Service Module" pit cart is equally at home in the shop. Seven drawers in one half are complemented by an extra-deep drawer, paper towel holder, and trash basket in the other half. 20 inches wide x 60 inches long x 38 inches high. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Product Spotlight: Pit Boards

Did Santa forget to bring you that shiny new set of radios you asked for? Whether the big man came through for you or not, Pit Boards remain one of the most effective ways to get information to a driver on track. Even in pro racing, pit boards are used to supplement pit-to-car radios. And with a pit board, your day will never be ruined by the dreaded "batteries not included!"

Flip-chart type $42.99
Frame-Style from $120.99

Pit Boards
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