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March Featured Items

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Fire Resistant Self-Adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film
Fire Resistant Self-adhesive Gold Reflective Heat Barrier Film - Reflects up to 750 degrees F radiant heat. Thin, lightweight and easy to install with a pre-applied fire resistant adhesive. Approximately 24 inches wide, sold by the running foot.
$31.99 per linear foot
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid
Castrol SRF Brake Fluid - THE racing brake fluid is back in stock! SRF can make the critical difference when using metallic brake pads with high thermal conductivity. Resistance to foaming makes it an excellent choice for use with ABS braking systems. Packaged in easy-pour 1 liter plastic bottles. Rated DOT 4 (compatible with all DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 fluids). Dry Boiling Point: 590F, Wet Boiling Point: 518F.
Still $69.99 per liter (quantity discounts available)
Silicone Reservoir Hose Upgrade Kit for Ford F150

Silicone Reservoir Hose Upgrade Kit for Ford F150 - Ford used a hose that clips onto the coolant reservoir on 2011-16 F150 with the 5.0L V8 and 3.5L EcoBoost engines. Our complete upgrade kit includes everything you need to replace that leak-prone hose with a high-quality silicone hose and hose clamps. This is a permanent fix that is much less expensive than OEM parts. Choose a kit with Black (shown), Blue, or Red hose.
$34.99 (quantity discounts available)
Garmin Catalyst Rebate

Get a $100 Rebate on the Garmin Catalyst!

Garmin Catalyst Rebate

The Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer combines a GPS lap timer, in-car video, and a real-time driving coach all in one revolutionary package.

Now through the end of March, get $100 back directly from Garmin when you buy a Garmin Catalyst!

This rebate only applies to purchases made between March 1 and March 31, 2021.

You can register for your rebate online via the Garmin website, without downloading, printing, or mailing a form. Instructions and web address will be sent with the Catalyst.

March Special: Facet In-Tank Fuel Pumps and Modules

Save 45% on Facet In-Tank Fuel Pumps!

Facet Model-Specific In-Tank Fuel Pumps and Pump Modules

Facet has designed and manufactured these fuel pumps and fuel pump modules in the USA to fit specific late-model cars and trucks from Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, and more.

Now through the end of March, get a huge discount on these model-specific pumps and modules.

Save 45% off of the original price:
Originally $21.79 to $97.99
Now $11.98 to $53.89

Hurry, this discount is scheduled to end on April 1 (no fooling)!

Facet In-Tank Fuel Pumps on sale

Save 50% on Remaining SA2015 Helmets

Save on In-Stock SA2015 Helmets!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets

We have just a few SA2015 helmets still in stock. If you need an extra-small or extra-large (or Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra Large) size, you can get an incredible deal while supplies last!

These brand-new helmets are certified to Snell SA2015 standards. Most racing organizations will continue to accept SA2015 helmets for at least 5 more years. Snell recommends replacing your helmet after 5 years, which means you will get the full service life at a significant discount.

Save 50% off of the original price:
Originally $219.95 to $799.95
Now $109.97 to $399.97

Hurry, sales are first-come, first-serve. As these helmets sell out we will not be able to get more. Don't hesitate and let someone else get your helmet!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets on Sale

Other Featured Items for the Month of March
Save 25% on Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses
Save 25% on Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses - Select in-stock harnesses homologated to the latest FIA 8853-2016 standard are on sale for the month of March. The prices on these harnesses have been reduced by 25%, but they still have a full 5 seasons of service life.
Originally $359 to $560
Now $269.25 to $420
Cartek 16-Channel Power Distribution Panel
Free Shipping* on the Cartek 16-Channel Power Distribution Panel - Bolt in an array of switches, relays, and circuit breakers all at once! This panel can handle the most complex switching demands, from headlights and hazard flashers to fuel pumps and windshield wipers.
with Free Shipping*
Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump
Free Shipping* on the Bosch 044 High Output Fuel Pump - This genuine Bosch roller-vane fuel pump (Bosch FP200) is capable of delivering up to 53 gallons per hour (200 liters per hour) at 72 psi. It is OEM on many European performance cars, and has several decades of racing victories.
with Free Shipping*
We also offer a wide range of Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Adapter Fittings to help you connect the pump to just about any fuel system.
MSE Gem LD19 Brake Caliper
MSE Gem LD19 Brake Caliper - Dump those old, corroded, leaking vintage calipers! The Gem has proven to be immensely popular because it is a direct bolt-on replacement for the discontinued AP/Lockheed CP2505 LD19 caliper. Even the rebuild parts interchange! Developed and tested by a leading FF1600 racing school in England.
$189.99 each
Lobro-Style CV Joints, Boots, and Grease
Lobro-Style CV Joints, Boots, and Grease - When was the last time you repacked or inspected your CV joints? Constant-Velocity (CV) joints are common on FF1600, FF2000, S2000, and others. We stock a variety of joints, boots, and greases for the common 94mm OD (6x78mm bolt circle) size.
Joints $69.99 to $157.99 each
Boots $16.99 to $49.99 each
Grease $13.95 to $79.99  
Safety Retaining Washers for Rod Ends
Safety Retaining Washers for Rod End Bearings - Large-area washers are required by many racing organizations when rod ends or spherical bearings are mounted in single shear. Our retaining washers help to hold the joint together if the race pulls out of the bearing, but they also have a bevel which allows full freedom of movement. SAE bore sizes from 3/16 to 5/8 inch and metric bore sizes from 8mm to 16mm.
from $1.79 (quantity discounts available)
B-G Racing Parallel Strings 4-Wheel Alignment Kit
Free Shipping* on the B-G Racing Parallel Strings 4-Wheel Alignment Kit - This clever setup hangs parallel toe alignment strings directly on the car. No more messing around with jackstands or milk jugs full of sand. You can even roll and bounce the car without having to recalibrate the strings! The front and rear attachment arms telescope in three planes to allow use on virtually any car.
with Free Shipping*
Dream Stick Toe Measurement Tool by ART

Dream Stick Toe Measurement Tool by ART - This clever tool has dual scales to measure the distance from your parallel string to both the front and the back of the wheel rim for quick and easy toe measurements. Requires a parallel string system such as ART Laster Strings or the B-G Racing system at left.
$79.99 (measuring tool only, no strings)
Beta Tools C58P/B Basic Plus Panel Toolholder
Beta Tools C58P/B Basic Plus Panel Toolholder - The C58P is the little brother of the C57P Mastercargo wall panel cabinet. Holds a lot of tools without taking up any floor space. The Basic Plus features the same lockable roll-up door as the C57P, but is only about 2/3 the width. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Tool hooks, clips, and racks sold separately
Technical Spotlight: Understanding Fuel Cells
Racing Fuel Cells

If you are building a new racecar for 2021, you'll probably be in the market for a safety fuel cell soon. Whether you plan to buy a new cell or you already have a cell in an existing car, now is a good time to learn more about them. Fuel cells are usually buried inside a box in the trunk or under the floor, so they rarely get the attention they deserve after they are installed.

Click the link below to learn more, from choosing and installing to regular maintenance!

Racing Fuel Cells
More Technical Documents and How-To Articles on Air and Fuel Delivery (covering fuel cells, plumbing, fuel pumps, carburetors, and air filters).

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