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April Featured Items

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Facet 9 - 11 psi Dura-Lift 12v Fuel Pump
Facet 9 - 11 psi Dura-Lift 12v Fuel Pump - Facet Dura-Lift pumps are designed to pull fuel a much greater distance than other electric pumps. This model is especially popular for replacing the feed pump on Ford 6.9L and 7.3L diesel trucks and vans. The higher lift capability lets you install it up in the engine bay rather than out of sight near the tank.
(quantity discounts available)
High Temperature Metric Jetnuts
High Temperature Metric Jetnuts - Reduced-hex, self-locking Jetnuts provide reliable locking up to 450 degrees F. They also weigh much less than nylon insert locknuts which are only good to 250 degrees F. These high-quality nuts are similar to MS21042 Jetnuts, but in 10 metric sizes M4 through M12.
$1.19 to $9.99 each
(quantity discounts available)
Sabelt Steel Series S622 Formula 2x2 FIA Harness
Free Shipping* on the Sabelt Steel Series S622 Formula 2x2 FIA Harness - This economical formula car harness is homologated to the current FIA 8853/2016 standard. The 2 inch lap belts have sewn loops (not metal D-rings) for the sub straps to pass through.
with Free Shipping*
Closeout Special: Select In-Stock FIA Driver's Suits

Save 30% on Select In-Stock Driver's Suits!

Save on Select In-Stock Driver's Suits

Being your In-Stock Source for driver's suits means that we sometimes have last year's styles on the shelf when the updated suits arrive. They still offer the same protection, comfort, and style as when they were first made, but they're not the latest 2021 designs.

While supplies last, you can score a great deal on one of these former best-selling suits.

Save 30% off of the original price:
Originally $549.95 to $1749.95
Now $384.95 to $1224.96

Hurry, this discount only applies to select in-stock previous-generation suits. As they sell out, we will not be able to get more. Start the new season with a new suit!

Select in-stock driver's suits on sale

Save 55% on Remaining SA2015 Helmets

Save on In-Stock SA2015 Helmets!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets

As of this writing, we have just a few Bell SA2015 helmets still in stock. If you need a 7 1/8 (Small) or 4XL size, you can get an incredible deal while supplies last!

These brand-new helmets are certified to Snell SA2015 standards. Most racing organizations will continue to accept SA2015 helmets for at least 5 more years. Snell recommends replacing your helmet after 5 years, which means you will get the full service life at a significant discount.

Save 50% off of the original price:
Originally $299.95 to $799.95
Now $134.97 to $359.97

Hurry, these helmets are selling out quickly. At these prices, you can be like the pros and keep a second helmet in your trailer as a spare!

SA2015 Auto Racing Helmets on Sale

Clearance Special: Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses

Save 30% on Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses!

Save 30% on Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses

Select in-stock harnesses homologated to the latest FIA 8853-2016 standard are on sale for the month of April. The prices on these harnesses have been reduced by 30%, but they still have a full 5 seasons of service life.

Save 30% off of the original price:
Originally $459 to $560
Now $321.30 to $392

This sale only applies to certain in-stock harnesses (click the link to see the full list of brands and styles available). All other harnesses will be sold at full price. Quantities are very limited, so hurry before someone your harness ends up in someone else's car!

Select In-Stock FIA Harnesses on Sale

Other Featured Items for the Month of April
OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel
Free Shipping* on the OMP Superquadro Steering Wheel - This 330mm racing steering wheel has a flat bottom for easier entry and exit in smaller sedans. The 6-bolt pattern fits OMP, Sparco, and MOMO hubs (not included).
with Free Shipping*
Woven Nomex Material
Nomex Material - We stock Nomex material in Black, Natural, Red, Orange, and Royal Blue colors. The matte-finish, flat woven 6 ounce Nomex material can be used to cover custom seat inserts or for lasting repairs to driver's suits. Fabric is 60 inches wide and is sold by the running foot.
$19.99 to $21.99 per linear foot
(quantity discounts available)
Sabelt Titan Racing Seat
Sabelt Titan Racing Seat - The top-of-the-line Titan seat is designed specifically for GT racing. The rounded, ergonomic shell was developed with leading European GT teams with a focus on comfort. FIA 8855-1999 approved.
Facet Posi-Flo 12 volt Fuel Pumps
Facet Posi-Flo 12 volt Fuel Pumps - These compact electric fuel pumps have a polymer body for quieter operation than the standard Facet Cube Style pumps. Posi-Flo pumps feature the same solid-state operation, low amp draw, and 2-wire hookup as the Cube Style. Several models with pressures from 2 to 10 psi, volume from 20 to 34 GPH.
$43.99 to $49.49
(quantity discounts available)
Motul Lubricants
Motul Lubricants
Motul Lubricants - Motul has a long history of innovation in lubricant technology. A few company milestones include the world's first multigrade oil (Motul Century, 1953), the world's first semi-synthetic automotive lubricant (Motul Century 2100, 1966), and the world's first fully-synthetic 4-stroke lubricant based on ester stocks (Motul 300V, 1971).
Conventional oils from $7.73 per quart
Synthetic lubricants from $7.96 per liter
Brake fluid from $10.47 per 500ml bottle
Racing Brake Fluid
Racing Brake Fluid - We stock 12 different types of racing brake fluid to cover just about every application from Formula Ford to Formula 1. Dry boiling points range from 509F all the way to 644F, with wet boiling points as high as 518F. Brands include such trusted names as AP, Castrol, Motul, and more!
from $6.99 per bottle
quantity discounts available - stock up and save!
Thread Detective Thread Identifiers
Thread Detective Thread Identifiers - Are you trying to replace a fastener? Or just (finally) organizing that coffee can of salvaged nuts and bolts? Thread Detectives make quick work of identifying fastener sizes. Four different Thread Detective kits cover nut and bolt sizes from sub-mini #1 screws to 1" SAE nuts and bolts as well as 1.2mm through 24mm metric hardware. Two more kits identify British (BSP) and American (NPT) pipe threads.
$19.99 to $39.99 for each kit
ART Linear Chassis Ride Height Gauge
ART Linear Chassis Ride Height Gauge - Unlike some other gauges that swing in an arc, this tool is linear to eliminate angular error. The 24 inch reach gets past bodywork to measure against any point on the chassis. A dial indicator displays ride height from 1 to 7 inches with 0.001" resolution. Spring loaded extending mechanism can be locked down for storage.
Beta Tools C30S Super MaxiTank Rolling Work Station
Beta Tools C30S Super MaxiTank Rolling Work Station - This heavy-duty workbench features a worktop with a drain and a 2-ton load capacity. Hydraulic jack at one end lowers two swivel casters and lifts the feet for surprisingly easy mobility. Five locking drawers and a locking "garage door" keep your tools or your project secure. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Product Spotlight: Nomex

We offer Nomex fabric, thread, hook-and-loop tape, and zippers to keep your driver's suit performing like new. Nomex fabric is also useful for covering custom seat inserts. Our Nomex FAQ page answers some of the most common questions our customers ask about Nomex.

Nomex Fabric, Thread, and Components for Driver's Suit Repairs

What is Nomex?
Nomex is a registered trademark for a synthetic fiber developed by DuPont. Nomex belongs to a family of fibers called aramids (which also includes Kevlar).

Why is Nomex so popular for driver's safety gear?
Nomex is very strong yet soft. It does not melt or drip when exposed to flame. It insulates against heat in a fire, and it is highly flame resistant.

Isn't Nomex fireproof?
Almost nothing in the world is entirely fireproof. Nomex can be called fire resistant, flame retardant, or self-extinguishing because it does not support combustion. In other words, once you get out of the fire, you're no longer on fire.

What happens when Nomex is in a fire?
The individual fibers will carbonize and swell. Carbonizing helps to absorb some of the heat from the fire (instead of transmitting it to the wearer). The swelling closes off the small openings in the weave, which helps to block heat.

Do I have to worry about my old Nomex expiring?
No. The fire resistance is an inherent property of the Nomex molecule, not a coating or a treatment. Age and normal use will not change it. On the other hand, driver's suit construction has come a long way in just the last few years. New suits protect better and yet are much lighter and more comfortable than most older suits.

For more information, please visit our Nomex Frequently Asked Questions page.

Free Shipping on most orders over $199 shipped within the Continental United States
We have many large and heavy items in our inventory. That has made it difficult for us to offer a wide-ranging free shipping policy. Yet we realize that free shipping is important to many of our customers. You spoke and we heard you. More than 99.7% of the items in our inventory now qualify for Free Shipping on orders over $199 shipped to the 48 states within the continental US. There are a few exceptions (mainly Roll Bars, Roll Cages, Beta tool cabinets, Racing Seats, and full sheets of Jabroc). We've tried to keep the exceptions to a minimum. Orders with free shipping are shipped by the most economical method of our choice. Air shipments and other orders with paid shipping are given priority in our warehouse, so orders with free shipping may not always ship the same day. However, if you have a few extra days available in your schedule, you can save significantly with our new free shipping policy. Note: Our Free Shipping policy applies to retail customers only.
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