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September Featured Items

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SECO 7 37 Degree AN Seals
SECO 7 37 Degree AN Seals - SECO 7 seals act like a crush washer on the 37 degree flare of male AN fittings. They fill in gaps due to misalignment or damage on the sealing flare. SECO 7 seals are cheap insurance against leaks. They can save your race weekend! ALL sizes 2AN through 32AN (yes!) are available both in soft aluminum (for aluminum fittings) and soft annealed copper (for steel fittings).
$1.89 to $8.59 each
(quantity discounts available)
Woven Nomex Material
Nomex Material - We stock Nomex material in Black, Natural, Red, Orange, and Royal Blue colors. The matte-finish, flat woven 6 ounce Nomex material can be used to cover custom seat inserts or for lasting repairs to driver's suits. Fabric is 60 inches wide and is sold by the running foot.
$21.99 to $29.99 per linear foot
(quantity discounts available)
MS21042 Jetnuts
MS21042 Jetnuts - These self-locking nuts are lighter than AN365 nylon-insert locknuts. The all-metal construction is rated to temperatures up to 450F (AN365 nuts are limited to 250F). The reduced hex size also helps where wrench access is tight. We carry the latest "Style B" with a thicker, stronger flange.
from $0.27 each
(quantity discounts available)
We also offer similar (but not Mil-Spec) Metric Jetnuts.
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Save big on clearance items at sale prices!

If back-to-school shopping has taken pole position in your wallet and your racing budget is about to be lapped, check out our list of Clearance items at sale prices! Most of the products on this page are brand-new, with a few (clearly marked) used / refurbished items.

A sampling of the things you'll find here:

  • Overstocks
  • Short-dated driver restraints
  • Driver safety equipment in last years' styles
  • Canceled special-orders and custom-made parts
  • Scratch-and-dent parts
  • Unusual and one-off products received as part of a buyout of other suppliers' inventory

Be sure to check back often. The selection changes frequently, and you never know what you may find or when it may disappear!

Shop our Clearance page today and save up to 90%!

End-of-Summer Loctite Sale: Select In-Stock Loctite Products

Save 20% on Select In-Stock Loctite Products!

Loctite Products

Pegasus is proud to carry genuine Loctite chemical products. Whether you need to stop it from moving, keep it moving, stop it leaking, or just clean it up, Loctite is the brand trusted by auto makers, race teams, and countless industrial customers.

Now you can save 20% on some of your favorite Loctite products.

This sale only applies to certain in-stock products (click the link below to see the full list). The selection changes weekly, so be sure to check back often.

Select In-Stock Loctite Products on Sale

Other Featured Items for the Month of September
Weber 40 DCOE Carburetors
Free Shipping* on Weber 40 DCOE Carburetors - The dual-throat sidedraft Weber DCOE is widely considered to be THE performance carburetor. The smallest 40 size can be tuned to work on 4-cylinder engines as small as 500cc, all the way up to 3 liters. We stock only brand-new (not rebuilt, reman, or new-old-stock) genuine Weber carburetors (not licensed copies or cheap clones).
$639 each
with Free Shipping*
Cartek Programmable Sequential Shift Lights
Cartek Programmable Sequential Shift Lights - These multi-LED shift lights let you choose the RPM range, light pattern, and even the light colors. Choose a direct-wire version (for ignitions with a tachometer signal output) or a plug-in OBD-II version that receives RPM signals directly from your OBD-II compliant ECU.
$159.99 (tach signal version)
$219.99 (OBD-II version, shown)
obp Motorsport Hydraulic Handbrakes
OBP Hydraulic Handbrakes - Handbrake turns are common in rallying, drifting, and Solo II (parking lot autocross) events. Hydraulic handbrakes work much faster and more precisely than cable systems. This is why hydraulic handbrakes are found on all professional rally cars.
Fifteen different versions in stock priced from $119.99 to $519
Dual Durometer SFI 45.1 Padding
Dual Durometer SFI 45.1 Padding - The hard SFI 45.1 spec inner core is covered by a softer (but still very firm) outer layer for driver comfort. The outer layer is removable for tight spots around the driver's helmet. 36 inch long pieces are flexible enough to fit 1.5 to 2 inch diameter bars.
$36.99 per 3-foot length
Backsaver Pads
Backsaver Pads - Originally developed to minimize fatigue for military combat pilots, the Backsaver increases comfort by absorbing impact energy without bottoming. Backsaver pads are especially popular with drivers who have suffered back injuries. We have even had customers buy them under doctor's orders! Two sizes available.
18 x 36 inch Backsaver Pad: $224.99
16 x 18 inch Backsaver Pad: $111.99
RaceQuip FIA Racing Seats
RaceQuip FIA Racing Seats - Legendary RaceQuip value is now available in a racing seat! Choose traditional or containment style. Each fiberglass shell is upholstered in black fabric. FIA 8855-1999.
$499.95 (standard) or $699.95 (containment)
Longacre Temperature-Compensated Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Longacre Temperature-Compensated Digital Tire Pressure Gauge - Don't just guess how much tire pressure you will gain as tires heat up. This gauge from Longacre has a built-in pyrometer to help you calculate exactly where your cold pressure should start.
with Free Shipping*
Tie Down Kit with Heavy-Duty Storage Container
Tie Down Kit with Heavy-Duty Storage Container - This nine-piece kit includes everything you need to secure a car to your trailer: Four of our 21 inch axle straps, four of our 2-inch wide ratcheting tie-downs (choose 6 foot or 8 foot), and one of our heavy-duty plastic storage containers.
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C39SM Racing SM Type Rolling Tool Cabinet - This professional-grade "Service Module" pit cart is equally at home in the shop. Seven drawers in one half are complemented by an extra-deep drawer, paper towel holder, and trash basket in the other half. 20 inches wide x 60 inches long x 38 inches high. Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
Product Spotlight: Nomex

We offer Nomex fabric, thread, hook-and-loop tape, and zippers to keep your driver's suit performing like new. Nomex fabric is also useful for covering custom seat inserts. Our Nomex FAQ page answers some of the most common questions our customers ask about Nomex.

Nomex Fabric, Thread, and Components for Driver's Suit Repairs

What is Nomex?
Nomex is a registered trademark for a synthetic fiber developed by DuPont. Nomex belongs to a family of fibers called aramids (which also includes Kevlar).

Why is Nomex so popular for driver's safety gear?
Nomex is very strong yet soft. It does not melt or drip when exposed to flame. It insulates against heat in a fire, and it is highly flame resistant.

Isn't Nomex fireproof?
Almost nothing in the world is entirely fireproof. Nomex can be called fire resistant, flame retardant, or self-extinguishing because it does not support combustion. In other words, once you get out of the fire, you're no longer on fire.

What happens when Nomex is in a fire?
The individual fibers will carbonize and swell. Carbonizing helps to absorb some of the heat from the fire (instead of transmitting it to the wearer). The swelling closes off the small openings in the weave, which helps to block heat.

Do I have to worry about my old Nomex expiring?
No. The fire resistance is an inherent property of the Nomex molecule, not a coating or a treatment. Age and normal use will not change it. On the other hand, driver's suit construction has come a long way in just the last few years. New suits protect better and yet are much lighter and more comfortable than most older suits.

For more information, please visit our Nomex Frequently Asked Questions page.

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