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November Featured Items

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Schroth 2x2 FIA Flexi Harness
Free Shipping* on the Schroth 2x2 FIA Flexi Harness - This super-lightweight 6-point harness is designed for sedans. The webbing is thinner, lighter, and softer than most other brands. The Flexi name comes from the convertible pull-up / pull-down lap belts. FIA 8858-2016 homologated. Belts with 2027 expiration date are in stock in Black, Blue, and Red.
with Free Shipping*
Quick-Release Positive-Locking Pip Pins
Quick-Release Positive-Locking Pip Pins - Pip Pins can replace a nut and bolt in assemblies that are frequently disassembled. Two locking balls hold the pin in place until the release button is pressed. The compact bail handle is ideal for tight installations. Suitable for most applications loaded in shear, such as clevis-mounted rod ends.
$18.49 to $26.49 each
(quantity discounts available)
Sabelt Taurus Large Racing Seat

Sabelt Taurus Large Racing Seat - Sabelt offers several FIA 8855-1999 approved racing seats, but the Taurus is the top of the line, with high thigh support and side helmet bolsters.
Also available: Sabelt Taurus Medium for smaller drivers - $965
AiM Oil Pressure Sensors are BACK IN STOCK!

AiM KA-Type 0-150 psi Oil Pressure Sensors are back!

AiM KA-Type 0-150 psi Oil Pressure Sensor

After many months of unusually long lead times and small partial shipments from AiM, we recently received a large enough shipment of AiM KA-Type 0-150 psi Oil Pressure Sensors to fill all backorders -- with enough left over for new orders.

If you've been waiting to replace or add an oil pressure sensor to your AiM system, now is the time to act.

Order your AiM KA-Type 0-150 psi Oil Pressure Sensor today!

Breaking News: Hawk Brake Rebate Returns!

Get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads

Hawk brake pad Q4 rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Hawk Brake
$10 for $100 Rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies has been carrying Hawk brake pads for over 30 years, with far too many customer wins, track records, and championships to list. Hawk is ringing in the new year by bringing back their popular "$10 for $100" mail-in rebate on purchases of Hawk brakes from October 1 to December 31, 2022.

Now through the end of the year, get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Spend $100, get $10 - Spend $200, get $20 - up to a maximum of $100 back. The rebate program runs through the end of 2022. Be sure to place your order soon!

Shop Hawk Brake Pads

Download the Hawk Brake Q4 2022 Rebate Form (PDF)

Other Featured Items for the Month of November
Lotus Steering Racks
Free Shipping* on Lotus Steering Racks - Titan Motorsport UK is the OEM supplier of steering racks to Lotus for the Elise, Exige, and Tesla Roadster. We have stock racks as well as quick-ratio racks and track rod repair kits for these cars.
Racks $919
with Free Shipping*
Aeroloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners
Aeroloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners - These fasteners combine the classic look of Dzus EHF5 studs with the strength and precision of Camloc 40-Series fasteners. Aerolocs replace the Dzus EHF5 perfectly, so you don't even have to drill any new holes in your vintage bodywork. Four styles to suit just about any installation.
Studs $7.92 to $18.99 each
(quantity discounts available)
Open End Pulled (Blind) Rivets
Open End Pulled (Blind) Rivets - Carrying a box of rivets in the trailer can save a race weekend! These are the familiar rivets for use with a standard pop rivet gun. We stock an extensive selection in every possible combination of diameter and grip length; standard, large, or countersunk head; aluminum or steel mandrel, aluminum or steel body, or all stainless steel construction.
$2.99 to $16.49 per 100 (quantity discounts available)
Heavy-Duty Flexible Edge Trim
Heavy-Duty Flexible Edge Trim - Apply this pebbled black trim to exposed edges of panels for a finished appearance, or line the edges of a panel opening to make a custom grommet that protects wires, hoses, or your own skin. Embedded aluminum clips help hold it in place without adhesives. Six sizes for different panel thicknesses.
from $1.29 per foot
also available in 250 foot rolls
Rubber Donut Drive Axle Couplings
Rubber Drive Donuts - Many vintage formula cars and sports racers used rubber donuts as flexible drive axle couplings. The rubber should be inspected every season and replaced if any cracking is found. We stock the 5.38" OD version used on Formula Ford, Formula Junior, FB, CSR, and DSR in Standard and Heavy-Duty versions.
$94.99 (Standard) or $229.99 (HD)
Axle Saver Kits are also available to prevent damage in the event of a donut failure - $269.99
Braille Intensity Series Lithium Racing Batteries
Free Shipping* on Braille Intensity Series Lithium Racing Batteries - The most powerful Braille Lithium batteries, made to fit in an OEM Group 34-size case. Capable of powering V8 and V12 GT cars, with more consistent power output than a heavy lead-acid battery.
Originally $999.99
Now $949.99
with Free Shipping*
Beta Tools 38-Piece 1/2 Inch Drive Metric Ratchet and Socket Set
Free Shipping* on the Beta Tools 33-Piece 1/2 Inch Drive Metric Ratchet and Socket Set - The extensive 920A/C33 set from Beta Tools includes 20 hex sockets, seven Allen sockets, six screwdriver sockets, two extensions, U-joint, sliding T-handle driver, and the superb 920/55 72-tooth ratchet handle. All 38 pieces fit in a custom carrying case.
with Free Shipping*
B-G Racing Saloon Quick Lift Jack
Free Shipping* on the B-G Racing Saloon Quick Lift Jack - This super-low jack requires just 2 inches of ground clearance to raise 8 inches high in a single pull. 880 pound capacity is enough to lift one corner of a small to medium sedan.
with Free Shipping*
Beta Tools C19 and C20 Cantilever Tray Tool Boxes
Beta Tools C19 and C20 Cantilever Tray Toolboxes - These professional tool boxes have two (C19) or four (C20) cantilevered trays that lift up and out when you open the lids, revealing a large main compartment below. Lids can accept a padlock (not included) for security. All-metal construction for a lifetime of professional use. Beta orange.
$107.60 to $153.84
Product Spotlight: Beta Tools 55 Model Ratchet Drivers

Take a closer look at the ratcheting mechanism of the Beta Tools "/55" ratchet handles!

Beta Tools 920/55 1/2 Inch Drive Ratchet Mechanism Details

The Beta 910/55 and 920/55 ratchets have 72 teeth so they require only 5 degrees of rotation to catch the next tooth (because of the small size, the 1/4 inch drive 900/55 ratchet has 48 teeth and requires 7.5 degrees).

But unlike many other brands, Beta uses a solid pawl that engages no fewer than 17 teeth at once. This gives Beta ratchets more torque capacity and better slip resistance than competing brands that only engage 12, 11, or even just 8 teeth.

Read more about the Beta Tools 55 Model Ratchet Details.

Order the Beta Tools 910/55 3/8 inch Square Drive Ratchet Handle
Order the Beta Tools 920/55 1/2 inch Square Drive Ratchet Handle

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