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December Featured Items

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Longacre Computerscales AccuSet II, 6000 lb
Free Shipping* on the Longacre Computerscales AccuSet II, 6000 lb - AccuSet II Computerscales from Longacre feature easy 2-button navigation to choose between actual wheel weights and percentages. A single memory with one-button recall lets you quickly compare before-and-after changes.
with Free Shipping*
Facet Red Top Cylindrical Fuel Pump
Facet Red Top Cylindrical Fuel Pump - The popular Facet Gold-Flo model 480532 fuel pump, also called the Bendix Red Top model, was originally designed as a high-performance pump for racing use. 12 volt negative ground, 6 to 8 psi max, 45 GPH max, 1/4 NPT ports.
quantity discounts available
AiM Linear Travel Sensors
AiM Linear Travel Sensors - These potentiometers can measure any linear motion including shock and suspension travel, ride height, steering rack position, even wing or spoiler deflection at speed. Easy connection to AiM data loggers. Sizes measuring 50mm (2 inch) to 225mm (9 inch) travel available.
$289.99 to $359.99 each
Year-End Loctite Sale: Select In-Stock Loctite Products

Save 20% on Select In-Stock Loctite Products!

Save 20% on Select In-Stock Loctite Products

Pegasus is proud to carry genuine Loctite chemical products. Whether you need to stop it from moving, keep it moving, stop it leaking, or just clean it up, Loctite is the brand trusted by auto makers, race teams, and countless industrial customers.

Now you can save 20% on some of your favorite Loctite products.

Save 20% off of the original price:
Regularly $6.49 to $26.99
Now $5.19 to $21.59

This sale only applies to certain in-stock products (click the link below to see the full list). The selection will change weekly for the rest of the year, so be sure to check back often.

Select In-Stock Loctite Products on Sale

Hawk Brake Rebate Prepares for Hibernation!

Get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads

Hawk brake pad Q4 rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Hawk Brake
$10 for $100 Rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies has been carrying Hawk brake pads for over 30 years, with far too many customer wins, track records, and championships to list. Hawk is ringing in the new year with an encore of their popular "$10 for $100" mail-in rebate on purchases of Hawk brakes from October 1 to December 31, 2022.

Now through the end of the year, get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Spend $100, get $10 - Spend $200, get $20 - up to a maximum of $100 back. The rebate program runs through the end of 2022. Be sure to place your order soon!

Shop Hawk Brake Pads

Download the Hawk Brake Q4 2022 Rebate Form (PDF)

Late Braking News: Exclusive Hawk Brake Sale Encore

Save 10% on all Hawk Performance products, only at Pegasus!

Save 10% on all Hawk Performance products

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Hawk Brake
Double 10 Sale

In addition to the $10 for $100 rebate above, Hawk has authorized Pegasus to offer an exclusive, limited-time sale on the entire line of Hawk Performance brake products.

Now until the end of December 2022, get a 10% discount off of minimum advertised prices on everything from Hawk Performance -- and then get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Hurry, both the discount and the rebate end on December 31, 2022. Place your order now!

Shop Hawk Brake Performance Products

Download the Hawk Brake Q4 2022 Rebate Form (PDF)

Other Featured Items for the Month of December
Aeromotive Fuel Sampling Port
Aeromotive Fuel Sampling Port - How well did your fuel sampling port work last summer? This heavy-duty billet aluminum valve locks closed for safety, but is simple to open -- even with gloves on. Installs in any 1/8 NPT female port. Suitable for all fuel systems and fuel pressures.
Lobro-Style CV Joints, Boots, and Grease
Lobro-Style CV Joints, Boots, and Grease - When was the last time you repacked or inspected your CV joints? Constant-Velocity (CV) joints are common on FF1600, FF2000, S2000, and others. We stock a variety of joints, boots, and greases for the common 94mm OD (6x78mm bolt circle) size.
Joints $72.99 to $239.99 each
Boots $16.99 to $54.99 each
Grease $16.63 to $79.99  
OMP HTE-R Racing Seat, FIA Approved
OMP HTE-R Racing Seat - This FIA 8855-1999 approved racing seat has distinctive side helmet bolsters to help restrain the driver's head. Breathable upholstery helps perspiration to evaporate.
also available: OMP HTE-R XL Racing Seat with 2.5 inches more hip room for larger drivers
- $1059
Cleco Clamp Temporary Fasteners
Cleco Clamps - Your fabricating projects will go smoother with Cleco clamps! These temporary fasteners help to maintain alignment between parts while you drill rivet holes. When all the holes are drilled, remove the clamps and deburr the holes before riveting. 4 diameters fit common rivet hole sizes.
$0.69 each or $62.99 for a 100-pack
Cleco Pliers just $8.99
Redhead Dual 2 inch Male Push-Pull Fueling Valves
Free Shipping* on the Redhead Dual 2 inch Male Push-Pull Fueling Valve Assembly - For the ultimate in quick pit stops, this assembly has two Redhead male push-pull non-spill fueling valves mounted side-by-side. Flows up to 4 gallons per second! A perimeter handle makes it easy to get a firm grip with both hands.
The matching Redhead Dual 2 inch Female Receiver Valves Assembly is available separately - $899
with Free Shipping*
OptiMATE Solar Battery Charger
OptiMATE Solar Battery Charger - Charge virtually any 12 volt battery without a power supply! The advanced solar charger is ideal for camping, long days at the track, or even living off the grid. Great for charging your trailer brake battery in storage too.
Intercomp 15x15 Steel Scale Pad Levelers (set of 4)
Free Shipping* on the Intercomp Steel Scale Pad Levelers - You can't get accurate corner weights if one scale pad is lower than the others! These sturdy steel levelers from Intercomp let you adjust the height of any corner weight scale set with standard 15 inch square pads.
$695 (set of 4)
with Free Shipping*
Intercomp Digital Coil Spring Tester
Free Shipping* on the Intercomp Digital Coil Spring Tester - Take the guess work out of choosing (and identifying) chassis springs. Tests coil springs up to 6" diameter by 18" long. Digital readout displays up to 5000 pounds or 2500 kg, while a digital travel indicator shows exactly how far the spring has been compressed.
with Free Shipping*
Beta Tools 5904VG/2T 99 Piece Metric Tool Set
Free Shipping* on the Beta Tools 5904VG/2T 99 Piece Metric Tool Set - This 99-piece assortment is a perfect starter kit for anyone beginning a career in automotive repair and maintenance. Includes 11 fitted trays to keep everything organized in 3 drawers of your Beta Tools cabinet.
with Free Shipping*
Winter Fire System Care: Cover Your AFFF!

Many of us are seeing snow and frosty weather moving in. Now would be a good time to bundle up and run into the garage for a few minutes.

If your racecar has an AFFF fire suppression system and is stored in an unheated garage or trailer, remove the bottle from the car and bring it inside the house for the winter!

AFFF solution has a very low freezing point, but it can freeze if the temperature drops low enough. AFFF expands as it freezes, which can cause the bottle to burst. You can avoid damage by preventing the solution from freezing.

While you have the bottle out, check the Service Due date on the label. If it will be due for service before the start of next season (or in the middle of the season), think about sending it in for recertification now so it will be ready before next season starts.

Click the link below for more tips on keeping your fire suppression system happy.

How to Own and Maintain a Fire Suppression System

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