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September Featured Items

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AiM EVO4S Data Logger
Free Shipping* on the AiM EVO4S Data Logger - The current evolution of the powerful EVO series of data loggers. Five analog channels and 2 wheel speed channels; uses similar direct screw-in connections (one per sensor) like the EVO4, but supports the new Race Studio 3 software. Includes GPS09 module. Does not include a display.
$1379 (logger only, no display)
with Free Shipping*
Synflex/Dekabon Composite Tubing
Synflex/Dekabon Composite Tubing - This lightweight tubing is perfect for just about any low-pressure pneumatic system (up to 100 psi). The thin aluminum inner layer and thick plastic outer layer provide the strength, corrosion resistance, and rigidity of metal tubing but with lighter weight. Synflex is also much easier to bend by hand. Six different sizes in stock, from 6mm to 1/2 inch OD.
$3.79 to $18.45 per foot
High Temperature Metric Jetnuts
High Temperature Metric Jetnuts - Reduced-hex, self-locking Jetnuts provide reliable locking up to 450 degrees F. They also weigh much less than nylon insert locknuts which are only good to 250 degrees F. These high-quality nuts are similar to MS21042 Jetnuts, but in 10 metric sizes M4 through M12.
$1.29 to $9.99 each
quantity discounts available
Closeout Special: Select In-Stock FIA Driving Gloves

Save 25% on Select In-Stock Driving Gloves!

Save on Select In-Stock Driving Gloves

Being your In-Stock Source for fire-retardant driving gloves means that we sometimes have last year's styles on the shelf when the updated gloves arrive. They still offer the same protection, comfort, and style as when they were first made, but they're not the latest 2023 designs.

While supplies last, you can score a great deal on select FIA-approved gloves from Alpinestars, OMP, and Sabelt.

Save 25% off of the original price:
Originally $99.00 to $209.95
Now $74.25 to $157.46

Hurry, this discount only applies to select in-stock previous-generation gloves. As they sell out, we will not be able to get more. Check your old gloves for wear and tear, and finish the season with a fresh grip on the wheel!

Select in-stock driving gloves on sale

Other Featured Items for the Month of September
Antigravity H6/Group 48 Lithium Car Battery 60Ah with ReStart
Free Shipping* on the Antigravity H6/Group 48 Lithium Car Battery 60Ah with ReStart - This 12 volt battery is the same size as a standard H6 or Group 48 car battery, but it packs an incredible 1800 cranking Amps and 60 Ah capacity. Weighs just 18.2 pounds.
with Free Shipping*
Dual Durometer SFI 45.1 Padding
Dual Durometer SFI 45.1 Padding - The hard SFI 45.1 spec inner core is covered by a softer (but still very firm) outer layer for driver comfort. The outer layer is removable for tight spots around the driver's helmet. 36 inch long pieces are flexible enough to fit 1.5 to 2 inch diameter bars.
$36.99 per 3-foot length
Tilton Under-Floor Mount 3-Pedal Assembly
Free Shipping* on the Tilton Under-Floor Mount 3-Pedal Assembly - This aluminum pedal set features adjustable clutch, brake, and throttle pedals all in one unit. The brake pedal includes a strong 7/16 inch bias bar for dual master cylinders. Computer-aided analysis results in a very strong yet lightweight assembly with no excess material. Requires 3 remote-reservoir master cylinders (sold separately).
with Free Shipping*
SW650 Quik Weigh Wireless Scale System with Bluetooth

Free Shipping* on the SW650 Quik Weigh Wireless Scale System with Bluetooth - This pro-caliber digital scale system is certified to 0.1% accuracy. Low-profile 2.5 inch billet aluminum pads connect wirelessly to the LCD control box, or via Bluetooth to your mobile device. 6,000 pound system capacity (1,500 per pad).
with Free Shipping*
Intercomp Mechanical Turn Plates
Free Shipping* on Intercomp Mechanical Turn Plates - These rugged, heavy-duty turn plates have a CNC-machined scale that reads from -35 to +35 degrees. Three levels of roller bearings ensure smooth operation while a high-friction top surface eliminates tire slippage.
$849 per pair
with Free Shipping*
KOUL Tools Fitting Fixers
KOUL Tools Fitting Fixers - Never toss another male AN fitting (or the expensive part it's attached to) in the trash again! These precision tools let you lap the sealing flare on any male AN fitting.
$174.99 (3AN through 8AN set)
$199.99 (10AN through 16AN set)
$38.99 to $87.99 (individual sizes)
Beta Tools 941 Series T-Handle Hex/Bi-Hex Wrenches, Metric
Beta Tools 941 Series T-Handle Hex/Bi-Hex Wrenches, Metric - The high-torque 941 nut drivers from Beta Tools feature a deep metric hex on the extended leg and a matching 12-point socket on one end of the plastic T-handle. The orange handle makes it comfortable to handle while delivering high torque.
from $36.42 each
Mothers Car Care Kit for Street
Mothers Car Care Kit - Get everything you need to care for your street car in one convenient starter kit! Makes a great gift for the first-time car owner or young driver in your family. Includes 5 favorite Mothers products and an organizer bag with room for more products.
Beta Tools C19 and C20 Cantilever Tray Tool Boxes
Beta Tools C19 and C20 Cantilever Tray Toolboxes - These professional tool boxes have two (C19) or four (C20) cantilevered trays that lift up and out when you open the lids, revealing a large main compartment below. Lids can accept a padlock (not included) for security. All-metal construction for a lifetime of professional use. Beta orange.
$107.60 to $153.84
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