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December Featured Items

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Sabelt Titan Racing Seat
Sabelt Titan Racing Seat - The top-of-the-line Titan seat is designed specifically for GT racing. The rounded, ergonomic shell was developed with leading European GT teams with a focus on comfort. FIA 8855-1999 approved.
Inertia-Activated Fuel Pump Safety Switch
Inertia-Activated Fuel Pump Safety Switch - Reduces the risk of fueling post-crash fires by cutting power to your electric fuel pump after an impact of approximately 11 G's. Similar to the OEM safety switches found on many production cars. This universal kit is easy to install on just about any car with an electric fuel pump. The simple push-button reset lets you get back up and running right away.
$64.99 (quantity discounts available)
Bell SA2020 / FIA 8859 GTX.3 Helmet
Free Shipping* on the Bell SA2020 / FIA 8859 GTX.3 Helmet - The GTX.3 is equally at home in open or closed cars. Chin vents extract air instead of ramming it in, making it ideal for dusty conditions. Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 approved.
with Free Shipping*
Hawk Brake Rebate Continues!

Get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Hawk Brake Q4 rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Hawk Brake
$10 for $100 Rebate

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies has been carrying Hawk brake pads for over 30 years, with far too many customer wins, track records, and championships to list. Hawk is ringing in the new year by bringing back their popular "$10 for $100" mail-in rebate on purchases of Hawk brakes from November 1 to December 31, 2023.

Now through the end of the year, get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Spend $100, get $10 - Spend $200, get $20 - up to a maximum of $100 back. The rebate program runs through the end of 2023. Be sure to place your order soon!

Shop Hawk Brake Pads

Download the Hawk Brake Q4 2023 Rebate Form (PDF)

Late "Braking" News: Hawk Brake Sale Encore

Save 10% on all Hawk Performance products!

Save 10% on all Hawk Performance products

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - Hawk Brake
Double 10 Sale

In addition to the $10 for $100 rebate above, Hawk has authorized Pegasus to offer a limited-time sale on the entire line of Hawk Performance brake products.

Now until the end of December 2023, get a 10% discount off of minimum advertised prices on everything from Hawk Performance -- and then get a $10 rebate for every $100 you spend on Hawk brake pads!

Hurry, both the discount and the rebate end on December 31, 2023. Place your order now!

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Download the Hawk Brake Q4 2023 Rebate Form (PDF)

Other Featured Items for the Month of December
Gates Barricade Rubber Fuel Hose
Gates Barricade Rubber Fuel Hose - Upgrade to fuel hose that resists ethanol, oxidized gasoline, and vapor penetration -- WITHOUT the expense of converting to AN fittings and braided Teflon hose! 225 psi pressure rating is good for carbs or fuel injection.
$3.99 to $5.99 per foot
Aeromotive 1.5 to 5 psi Fuel Pressure Regulator
Aeromotive 1.5 to 5 psi Fuel Pressure Regulator - This extremely accurate and consistent regulator is ideal for vintage carbs that require very low fuel pressure (Weber, Solex, SU, etc). The billet aluminum housing even has a classic contoured shape to make it look right at home in any engine bay. -6 ORB inlet and outlet ports with a 1/8 NPT gauge port.
Safety Retaining Washers for Rod Ends
Safety Retaining Washers for Rod End Bearings - Large-area washers are required by many racing organizations when rod ends or spherical bearings are mounted in single shear. Our retaining washers help to hold the joint together if the race pulls out of the bearing, but they also have a bevel which allows full freedom of movement. SAE bore sizes from 3/16 to 5/8 inch and metric bore sizes from 8mm to 16mm.
from $1.79 (quantity discounts available)
Quick-Release Positive-Locking Pip Pins
Quick-Release Positive-Locking Pip Pins - Pip Pins can replace a nut and bolt in assemblies that are frequently disassembled. Two locking balls hold the pin in place until the release button is pressed. The compact bail handle is ideal for tight installations. Suitable for most applications loaded in shear, such as clevis-mounted rod ends.
$18.49 to $26.49 each
T-Handle Pip Pins (not shown) $18.49 to $29.99 each
Professional Aero Extreme Series Elliptical Mirrors
Free Shipping* on Professional Aero Extreme Series Elliptical Mirrors - These aerodynamic formula car mirrors are truly professional quality. From the billet aluminum recessed mounting base, to the genuine carbon fiber construction, to the drag-reducing lens covers, they are overflowing with high-performance details. Convex lenses provide a wide-angle view for safety.
$419.99 (pair)
with Free Shipping*
Open End Pulled (Blind) Rivets
Open End Pulled (Blind) Rivets - Carrying a box of rivets in the trailer can save a race weekend! These are the familiar rivets for use with a standard pop rivet gun. We stock an extensive selection in every possible combination of diameter and grip length; standard, large, or countersunk head; aluminum or steel mandrel, aluminum or steel body, or all stainless steel construction.
$2.99 to $16.49 per 100 (quantity discounts available)
Beta Tools 19-Piece Metric Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
Free Shipping* on the Beta Tools 19-Piece Metric Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set - The very complete 142/S19 set from Beta Tools includes all nineteen metric sizes of the 142 Series wrenches (6mm to 32mm). These combination wrenches feature a reversible ratchet on the box end, so you can go from loosening to tightening without missing a swing.
with Free Shipping*
Thread Detective Thread Identifiers
Thread Detective Thread Identifiers - Are you trying to replace a fastener? Or just (finally) organizing that coffee can of salvaged nuts and bolts? Thread Detectives make quick work of identifying fastener sizes. Four different Thread Detective kits cover nut and bolt sizes from sub-mini #1 screws to 1" SAE nuts and bolts as well as 1.2mm through 24mm metric hardware. There's even a kit to identify British (BSP) threads.
$19.99 to $44.99 for each kit
Beta Tools C53 CargoEvolution Tool Cabinet
Beta Tools C53 CargoEvolution Tool Cabinet - This professional wall-mount cabinet is designed to hold a lot of tools without taking up a lot of floor space. You've seen it in the movie Rush, in pro racing transporters, and in the F1 paddock. Now you can have it in your own garage! Ships via Truck Freight (not eligible for free shipping).
$975.52 empty (tools, hooks, and racks sold separately)
Product Spotlight: Safety Retainer Washers

Why Use Safety Retainer Washers?

Take a good look at the suspension on your racecar. Chances are, you'll find one or more rod end or spherical bearing joints in single-shear -- The bolt passes through the moving part, through the joint... and through nothing else. If the ball separates from the race, the bolt can pass right through with potentially catastrophic results!

If you can't convert the mounting to double-shear (captured between two parts), a safety retainer washer should be used to capture the ball and keep the joint together. This can mean the difference between limping back to the pits and hitting the wall!

Click here for an illustration of the kind of failure a safety retainer washer can help save!


Click here for more Suspension and Steering Technical Documents

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