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AMB/MyLaps Tran X 260 Rechargeable Transponder (limited qty)

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Brand: Mylaps Sports Timing

Limited quantities!

The AMB/MyLaps TranX260 Transponder is required by most North American road racing clubs. AMB transponders have proven their durability and accuracy in all kinds of racing from SCCA to IMSA and IndyCar. A unique* identification number encoded in each transponder is automatically transmitted to a receiving loop embedded in the track at the start/finish line. The red TranX260 is used by SCCA, PCA, NASA, and others.

The rechargeable unit mounts to a quick-release bracket (included). A full 14 hour charge on the included 115VAC/12VDC charger will give 3 days of run time. Kit includes transponder, bracket, charging cradle, 110 VAC cord, and 12 VDC cord. There are no additional subscription fees or lease payments required. 3 year factory warranty.

Transponder Tips:

  • Transponders must be mounted upright, no higher than 2 feet from the track surface.
  • The line of sight to the track must be unobstructed by metal or carbon fiber panels or tubes. Fiberglass and other composites do not completely block the signal, but they will weaken it substantially. A weak signal may be missed by the receiving loop.
  • Some clubs specify the transponder mounting location -- check your rule book.
  • The transponder number is printed directly on the unit. Write your transponder number in your vehicle logbook and it will always be handy!
  • A full 16-hour charge gives approximately 4 days of run time.
  • The flashing LED indicates remaining run time. Each flash of green indicates one day of run time remaining. When the battery has less than one day left, the LED will flash red. A steady red LED means the battery must be recharged immediately.

* How "unique"? MyLaps encodes each transponder with either a 7 digit number or a 9 digit number. Seven digits allows ten million different numbers. Nine digits allows a further one billion (with a "b") different numbers. You will NEVER find another MyLaps transponder with your number on it!

Liminted to stock on hand only! The Tran X 260 was discontinued several years ago. This batch of brand-new transponders was found hidden in another supplier's warehouse. When they are gone, we will not be able to get more.

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