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Cool Shirt Insulated Y- Hose Kit, 12 foot with Connectors

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Brand: CoolShirt Systems

Save money and weight by sharing a cooler! This splitter hose kit makes it possible to connect a driver and navigator (or two crew members) to a single Cool Shirt cooling system (sold separately).

The Y-design connects two shirts in parallel, not in series. That means that each shirt will be supplied with cold water directly from the cooler. Neither shirt will get warm water that has already circulated through the other shirt. It also means that if one shirt is disconnected, the other will continue to be cooled. Due to the increased flow, cooling time will be reduced. If you are planning a new system, we recommend choosing a system with twice the capacity required.

Includes a 12 foot long paired insulated 5/16" ID hose set, FIA-style safety (pull-release) 2 male and 4 female connectors, and 6 retaining clip rings. The hoses are unterminated, so you can cut them to whatever length you need. Instructions are included. One hose kit is enough to connect two shirts to a COOL SHIRT brand cooler. This is the longest Y-hose kit available, suitable for all installations -- even if the cooler is located in the trunk.

Assembly instructions:
1. Cut the hoses to length with a strong pair of scissors.
2. Roll the outer insulation back about 1 inch to expose the inner rubber tubing.
3. Slide a retaining clip ring over the exposed inner tubing. Slide the clip ring at least 1" from the end of the tubing.
4. Carefully use a pair of needle-nose pliers to stretch the end rubber tubing open.
5. Wet the barbed end of the connector with water for lubrication and slide it into the rubber tubing until the end of the tubing seats against the connector body.
6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 until all four connectors are installed.
7. Slide the clip rings down to the center of the barb.

Insulation color may vary. Sorry, no color choice.

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