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GKN Tripod Joint Grease, 275 Gram Tube

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This grease is designed specifically for use in tripod joints. Use of the wrong grease can lead to premature failure.

The needle bearings in tripod joints can overheat easily because the rollers slide along the length of the needles in addition to spinning around them. The very tight tolerances in tripod joints also do not tolerate solid additives, which can jam and cause the bearings to seize. This special grease from GKN has high scuffing resistance, but without the solid additives typically found in CV grease.

275 gram (9.7 oz) tube fits standard caulking guns. Includes nozzle.

Not for use in CV joints. We offer a different GKN Motorsport Grade CV Joint Grease (Part No. 1476-082), which is specifically formulated for use in 6-ball CV joints in racing applications.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Don't be misled because grease came with your inner boot


I'm a big fan of maintenance. I prefer to remove, clean, inspect, re-grease, reboot and reinstall axles. I can't count the extra bags of grease I have on the shelf from what came with inner boot kits. Even big name kits. Tripods (and outer ball type CV joints) are easy to take apart and clean and inspect. Use this special tripod grease for the inner joint, a quality boot and be done.


Knoxville, TN


only product for big horsepower joints


Tripod is not the same as CV. Use the right product.


Paradise Valley AZ


GKN Tripod Joint Grease, 275 Gram Tube

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