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AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timer, Stand-Alone Version

Click for a larger picture of AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timer, Stand-Alone Version
Click for a larger picture of AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timer, Stand-Alone Version
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Brand: AIM Sports

Never forget your beacon again! The Solo on-board lap timer from AiM uses GPS technology to start and stop lap times at the start/finish line, with no external equipment required. But the Solo goes much further than just a lap timer, logging all of the GPS data for analysis and track mapping.

If you are racing at an established track in AiM's extensive worldwide database, the Solo will recognize the track when you get there. It already knows where the start/finish line is! If you are racing at a new or temporary track, just take the Solo unit to the starting line (and finish line, if different) and press a button. That's it! (You can also assign start, finish, and split points in Race Studio 2.) No lining up beacons and receivers, no finding coordinates, and no need to try pressing a button during a hot lap.

You can customize the backlit LCD display with up to 4 different pages to scroll through, with up to 4 fields per page (choose from speed, distance, lap time, running lap time, predictive lap time, difference to best time, or battery status) in addition to lap number, satellite signal, and battery strength. You can even use Solo to test performance in the 1/4 mile, 0-60 mph, and acceleration.

Lap times, speed, acceleration, and position are all stored in the 16MB onboard non-volatile memory for later download and analysis via the Race Studio 2 software. Using Race Studio 2, you can see track mapping, acceleration and braking, and more!

The compact (98mm x 78mm x 30mm / 3.9" x 3.1" x 1.2") Solo is small enough to mount to any (non-airbag) steering wheel. A steel mounting bracket is supplied, and 2 powerful rare earth magnets in the back of the Solo hold on to the bracket. This allows quick and easy removal for setting start lines, split points, or even use in multiple vehicles.

Kit includes Solo timer with rechargeable battery, mounting bracket, USB cable, AC charging adapter, DC power cord, and Race Studio 2 software.

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AiM Solo GPS On-Board Lap Timer

I would buy yhis product,but it needs a much better manual


Solo has lots of features and provides info. The ma,aol has just as little information to get you started. Then you must look for video to figure anything out. I found it difficult to do anything and deleting track inputs by me were difficult to delete or correct. Will be some time until I get comfortable with it



So far so good


I bought the Aim Solo to replace a Traqmate data system that failed after 10 years. Except for the timing function, I no longer used the data gathering of the Traqmate so the Solo was a good replacement. With a slight modification of the mount, I was able to mount the Solo to my Traqmate mount. Permanently wired the unit to the car for power. The Solo's time numbers are bigger and with back lighting are easier to see. The best time for the current session is displayed on the screen for comparison with the current lap time. The track database is nice, no keying in the start/finish line while on the track as with my Traqmate. The Solo identifies the track on its own but I am sure if several tracks are in close proximity, the user would still have to at least select the proper track being used. I have not connected the timer to a computer yet so I cannot comment on the software. The only negatives which downgraded the rating are... It would be nice if the lap counter display could be set as the primary display for use in races. Lap count is important during races to determine when the race will end. Maybe it does that but I could not find how to activate it. The instructions were vague on the subject. Also, it would be nice to set the starting point for the lap counter. Some tracks you cross the finish line on the out lap for the pace lap, sometimes you don't. The mental mathematical gymnastics while racing is more difficult than it would seem. Finally, when externally powdered, the unit turns on anytime power is supplied to the line. For me, that is anytime the kill switch is turned on or when the car is started. It makes un-necessary sessions in the memory. It would be nice if you always turn the unit on manually by the units on/off button. I'm planning to install an external switch on the power line to manually control power to the Solo.


East TN

great product


Mounted to the steering wheel




Love it! Predictive lap time is very helpful.


I use it every track day. It works awesome! Everyone who races needs one.

Beavis Yolo

Tooele, Utah


Great purchase


The Solo was easy to set up - magnetic base sticks to the dash board of my Triumph Spitfire. The local track was already in the DB. Timing was within .2 sec of official transducer timing. I had a problem with printing out split times sheets and the help desk was able to help me reset the properties to make it work.




AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timer, Stand-Alone Version

4.2 5