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We don't play games with shipping charges!

Some of our competitors claim to offer free shipping (with many, many exceptions). However, they add a "Non-refundable Handling Charge" of nearly $10 to every order. Here at Pegasus, if your package costs us $5 to ship, that's what we charge you. We don't make you pay to have your package "Handled".

Our computer system estimates the cost to ship your package during order entry. Because of the complexities of actual weight verses calculated dimensional weight for various box sizes and shipping methods, sometimes our estimates are off. At the end of each day, we compare our actual shipping costs to the estimated shipping costs. If we significantly over-charged you, we will refund the difference. If you are under-charged, we consider it a cost of doing business. (We don't claim that it's free shipping!)

We believe that our straight-forward approach treats everyone fairly and doesn't misrepresent our policy.

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